Top 10 Resident Evil 4 One- Liners

Resident Evil is one of our favorite franchises and has formed the cornerstone of our gaming tastes. Sure calling it a ‘pioneering survival horror series’ is great, but it has provided so many memorable contributions to the gaming landscape, that a simple term like that doesn’t really justify it in fair terms. One of its’ signature contributions was to introduce a sense of campy humor to proceedings that became a hallmark for the series(and a staple in gaming in general).This franchise somehow, became a high watermark for video game tongue in cheek, in an industry that(at the time) was thriving in titles full of a unique, individual identity.

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-Foxtrot185d ago

Best one isn't even included

"Well if it isn't the b*** in the red dress"

GamesMaster1982185d ago

Leeeooonnn Hhhheeelllpppp, the most annoying thing in the game.

TheCommentator185d ago

Why talk about one liners, when the whole game was one big joke? RE 4's signature was to remove everything that made the series what it was, and set up for the train wreck of sequels that follows.

Leon's quest to save the President's daughter from a parasite? Seriously stupid. STARS elite forces who can't dodge a thrown projectile? Stupid. Hardly any meaningful puzzles but tons of Hollywood action? Stupid. Hell even the movies were better than anything in the series from 4 through 6.