Street Fighter x Power Rangers Art And Trailer

Two of the more popular franchises going have teamed up for a new game and here is the first look at it.

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Kribwalker129d ago

damn, i wish it was coming out on consoles.

gangsta_red129d ago c'mon!!!!!

gamerzero129d ago

Mark this date on the calendar as the date you and I had the exact same thought.

I saw the title and was like wow click the think and was like ugh...

CDzNutts128d ago

It literally looks like all the other mobile fighting games that come out though.

How did you miss that? lol

gangsta_red128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

No one missed a thing. Pretty sure I along with ithers saw the headline and was excited only to be disappointed by it being a mobile game.

DivineAssault 129d ago

I wouldve never seen that coming.. What sucks is we never got an arcade beat em up or anything with the dragon ranger.. Genesis had a fighting game but nothing in the vein of TMNT or Xmen..

Kribwalker129d ago

the beatem up they released this gen is pretty fun, but only if you are playing with others and in small bursts

blackblades129d ago

It's not stupid, it's awesome.

MasterChief3624128d ago

It is indeed stupid that it's only coming to mobile for the time being :(

CDzNutts128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

As a fighting game enthusiast, that's the biggest problem with the genre. Most of the ideas are stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.