Does the Nintendo Switch have an indie problem?

The Nintendo Switch is a hit with indies, but for how long, and what can Nintendo do to ensure studios thrive?

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ConkersBFD64d ago

It seems like GoG is the only store in place with actual quality control. Still hoping to get my indie game on Switch before the bubble bursts or the gates close though.

Platformgamer64d ago

switch has a LOT of problems, but nintenglasses reality-bends the facts

kevnb64d ago

We live in the age where you can look up any game on the web before buying, why is this approved?

RinkyDinkyDan64d ago

But if you don’t even know the game exists... how do you do that?

kevnb64d ago

There’s a ton of games on every platform that most people aren’t aware of, what’s your point?

twiggytree1264d ago

The only problem I have with NS is that there isn't a freaking hockey game on it yet!!!