No Man's Sky Updated Xbox One Cover Art Teases Full Multiplayer

No Man's Sky might get a second life later this year with the launch of the Xbox One version of the game. After initially failing to meet the hype and lacking any functional multiplayer mode, the developers tried to implement a quick fix for multiplayer but there was never any proper co-op support for the game.

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gangsta_red214d ago

Lmao! Hopefully it's not a mistake and will need stickers to cover the box art.

salmonade214d ago

The game is not as bad as people are making it out to be. Now you've actually got a story to follow and base building. I spent around 40 hours in this game. Honestly I rate it a 7/10. It can be fun and there are amazing moments to witness. I've never played anything like it before and I'm glad I did play it. Maybe they'll have a demo or something

shinoff2183214d ago

I enjoyed ut. There was tons to explore

shadowraiden214d ago

yes now there is those things. on launch it was as barren as you could get with a game. only thing that held it together was the procedural generated worlds.

it had no building or real story to follow other than you must go to the centre.

you then also get the fact that they flat out lied about what you could do with the game on launch, they stated there would be multiplayer,building etc all on LAUNCH.#

if they had explained what it was at the start and then come out and said we have plans to add all these features as free dlc so people can keep coming back then the outrage wouldnt of existed instead they lied and then disapeared for months with no response to the outcry from those who had bought the game.

bluefox755214d ago

I agree. And hey, at least it's better than Sea of Thieves.

narsaku214d ago


No there wasn't.

-Foxtrot214d ago

Yeah but despite the updates the core game which game out was shit

You could improve any game with updates but the issue was what we were promised and what we actually got was a huge let down.

uth11214d ago

@shadow - they never promised building before launch. in fact, when they added base building, it was a surprise to many people because they seemed to be against the idea before.

Wotbot213d ago

Same can be said about sea of theives.

darthv72212d ago

the game releases on july 24th

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IamTylerDurden1214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

The game actually has rudimentary mp in it right now. I wouldn't be surprised if the next big update adds full on mp. That's great. I know people criticised NMS for being incomplete at launch but you can't deny that they have added alot of content, especially for a 10 mean team. Now Xbox is going through this with Sea of Thieves, hopefully the 100-200 man team at Rare with Microsoft's back can outdo the 10 man indie at Hello Games.

WilliamSheridan214d ago

Give them the Sony funding and several years and we will see...

coolbeans213d ago

This site has unceremoniously made dev count comparisons the next insufferable thing so thanks for that.

TheSaint214d ago

Holding a grudge for this long is not healthy.

gangsta_red214d ago

You holding this L is even worse.

Nybz214d ago

You actually made a funny joke and in typical N4G fashion you got more down votes. Screw this system.

gangsta_red214d ago

The art of comedy is lost on some people.

TheSaint211d ago

Clearly it wasn't that funny...

joab777213d ago

Love this game but I really hope that this isn’t a mistake. Needs a good launch.

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DigitalRaptor214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

That is some cool art, but I still think the previous cover art they showed is better:


Looking forward to the NEXT update coming this summer. Will be interesting to see where they take it.

deckardreplicant213d ago

The Previous art is not showing multiple characters though

andybock214d ago

Can't wait for the update on PS4.glad Xbox gamers can enjoy this game finally.

DarkVoyager214d ago

Yea I’m sure Xbox gamers are dying to play a game they trash talked left and right.

twiggytree12214d ago

They'll love it now that it's on their system.

agnosticgamer214d ago

Wasnt just Xbox gamers trashing this game... But id be glad if it makes a rebound... and always nice to see 3rd party games go multiplatform...

NatFanBoyRestricted214d ago

Nowadays there's allot of people that don't like this game, but after hearing about the updates since release and maybe actual multiplayer getting added, I'm sure most people across multiple platforms will enjoy this game. We'll just wait for it to go on sale most likely and at least the initial hype and lies/false advertising won't be the driving force to getting people to purchase it. Guess thanks for beta testing it.

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narsaku214d ago

You must really fkn hate Xbox gamers man

Dragonscale214d ago

Why? He's correct, xbone fans trashed this game to death. Some of the hate was merited but some of it was due to it being PS4 exclusive. When it got average reviews the fanatx were shouting from the rooftops, the hatred for nms was almost unparalleled tbh. Wonder how many of those haters are gonna buy this now its on xbone lol.

EpicFruityPie214d ago

Yawn fixes came too late for many gamers I have moved on to other things

moomoo319214d ago

Buying that game at launch was a painful burn lol. Cool at first but so underwhelming

narsaku214d ago

Cool for the first 20 minutes. And even then I was trying to lie to myself saying it was better than it wasn't 5 minutes into the game.

deckardreplicant213d ago

Sure they missed but they created something that was never done before. It was an indie game but marketing was done as it was an AAA and thus came the disappointment. If The Marketing was not overdone and the hype would also be lowered down then I am pretty sure that same critic who gave this game 4 or 5 they would have given at 8 or even 9 because then it would be shown and played as an Indie game in mind.

14 people made this game. 14...

EpicFruityPie210d ago

I do agree I mean what did they make before this a mobile game? it is impressive just hope they learn from overhyping and false promises don't be another EA