How Does State of Decay 2 Stack up on Xbox One X? - Video

Of course, State of Decay 2 comes to Xbox One X with all of the usual enhancements, so better resolution and performance as standard; but the question is, how much of a difference does it really make? Does State of Decay 2 perform well enough on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S? Or is it a major downgrade, comparatively speaking?


Admin note: updated this to the proper source. Original article wasn't an analysis but took the video below and made statements aimed to rile up Fanboys without specifics. Their discussion of performance issues are that the XBO X sticks to 30fps rather than going upwards of 40+ like the base console does at a much lower resolution, for example, which isn't a performance issue.

Based on the comments, people fell for this type of submission easily rather than reading between the lines.

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Xavi4K213d ago

Probably day 9ne patch will fix it

Septic213d ago

Hearing about quite a few probs/bugs about this though. Sounds like it'll take longer than a day one patch tbh

Ukgamer213d ago

They have said there is a patch coming but with no mention of it being a day 1 patch.

sprinterboy213d ago

Yep kinda funny games mentioned about the bugs and glitches about 3 weeks ago discussing their concerns with the games launch approaching.

UltraGaming213d ago

There was a 6gb patch earlier today,

bouzebbal212d ago

It will be amazing.. You just don't know it yet

IamTylerDurden1212d ago

Surprised there are so many technical issues, it's not a very demanding game from the looks. This game is not getting great press pre-release.

RacerX212d ago

Oh look, a game launched with tons of issues... What else is new in 2018?

By 2020 they will have us paying fees for patches.

UltraNova212d ago


"By 2020 they will have us paying fees for patches."

Oh I can totally and dreadfully see that happening...

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super_bruno213d ago

Buggy game = No buy. If your game is buggy take more time developing it. This is unacceptable.

Legion21212d ago

In a perfect world this is always possible. Gotta remember devs are on tight schedules and might be able to get to everything before launch. That said, totally agree with waiting to buy if a game is buggy.

IamTylerDurden1212d ago

There is little excuse for this game to be such a mess. It's not a technically demanding and it's back by MS. MS knew this game was important due to the lack of exclusives, they should've ensured quality.

chris235212d ago

and while they‘re at it they could go back to the drawing board and develop something a bit more original.

DJStotty212d ago

So why buy any game? Every game is launched with bugs. So do you not buy any game at all?

iplay1up2212d ago

uh, I don't need to buy it, games pass $9.99 per month =150 + games!

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Xavi4K213d ago

I can confirm that this article is trash I just spent one hour watching people play the game on twitch and the game look solid.

You can head to twitch and see some real gameplay pf the game before jumping to conclusions

DarkVoyager213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

“I can confirm that this article is trash I just spent one hour watching people play the game on twitch and the game look solid.”

Stop with the damage control. I’ve watched previews and plenty of streams and there’s lots of issues. Bugs, framerate drops, bad animations, etc.

Doughhead213d ago

i too watched it on twitch and I agree with you.

TheCommentator213d ago

@ dark voyager

Stop with the ignorance and lies:

Post a link to the videos you've watched with the framerate problems if you can.

DarkVoyager213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


“Stop with the ignorance and lies”

“Post a link to the videos you've watched with the framerate problems if you can.”

Next time do some research before calling out someone.

“In fact I noticed a great deal of graphical bugs during my time with the game. The Xbox One X build I played had constant frame rate issues.”

“The PC version ran smoother, but it too was plagued by minor glitches like zombies disappearing through floors or becoming lodged inside objects.”

“At other times, networking bugs meant that it all struggled to keep up with the action, especially when all four of us were in the same vehicle. This produced headache inducing graphical glitches which caused a rapid flickering of the vehicle as it travelled down the road.”

TheCommentator212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@ dark Voyager

"I’ve watched previews and plenty of streams and there’s lots of issues. Bugs, framerate drops, bad animations, etc."

I ask you to show me a video with framerate issues, which you say you've seen, and you link an article instead? LOL!!! Put it this way: If I were to link an article about MS making more games you'd say, "It's not proof they're making more games, show me the games." Show me the gameplay videos for SoD2 with framerate issues or GTFO, you article is not good enough when I've shown video evidence that proves otherwise.

blackblades212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Damage control patrol. Also you gotta play it to experience the issues at times.

Xavi4K212d ago


What you mean by damage control it’s the reality that you and every other one downvoted me doesn’t want to see.

The streamer I watched streaming is AdmiralBahroo and I asked him in the chat of twitch if there are any issues with the games or clear bug and he said he knows about some previews that's said this game is buggy and its all B$.

In fact he is streaming right now you could go and check out his gameplay to see that the game is running smoothly. The damage control is trying to be against anything Xbox just like your comment here where you didn’t even manage to get us a link to that buggy video you said you watched....hating anything Xbox related is the nerrstive here in N4G comment section no one can deny it. For that reason I never get bothered by downvotes here having that I enjoy my gaminng discussion with more adults and open minded people in other well known forum (not neogaf for sure lol)

trooper_212d ago Show
UCForce212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@DarkVoyager Not to mention. The dialogue in this game is so corny and cringe. The animation look very old.

IamTylerDurden1212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The Commentator

The entire point of your beef with Dark Voyager was that he claimed SoD2 runs poorly and you claim it runs well.

Dark Voyager posted an article from your technical savior, EuroGamer/DF, and they clearly state that the game does indeed have pretty severe technical issues including bugs and framerate. I think that's more definitive than one hand picked video by you...

Multiple sources have confirmed issues with this game, especially the One X version as it appears as though it can't handle the game at that resolution.

The devs have already come out promising technical improvements and patches. They are sort of damage controlling the game before it even releases. That's not agreat

cigi212d ago

@TheCommentator lol... You send a video from the 1 may with an early build shown pre launch where the developers clearly have said it was an not finished build and use that as evidence. Com on get real.

TheCommentator212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@ Alucard

I am smart. I did the research, made my post with a link to the video, asked for video evidence to the contrary, and was backed up by the admins when they updated the article to include the link I provided yesterday. I'm not the one in denial here.

@ IamTylerDurden

LOL, what? The Admins say the article, "made statements aimed to rile up Fanboys without specifics" and you are still ignoring the video in favor of an article full of rumors? Just my observation at this point, but you seem to be quite riled up by the evidence showing that it runs fine.


So it's an old build that still runs without framerate issues, the admins just backed me up by linking the very video I posted yesterday, and you still proclaim I don't have a valid argument? I can see how that makes sense... /s

Alucard_420212d ago

@TheCommentator you posted one link wow that is very factual of you. I guess I should always believe what I see the first time I watch a video, base from what you have said. I take back what I said before, you have just proven to me the opposite.

IamTylerDurden1211d ago

The Commentator

The reviews are out and it's getting hammered for technical issues just like everyone said. Weird how the admins sided with u.

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UltraGaming213d ago

There was a patch earlier today for the game, no doubt there will be another on launch

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maybelovehate213d ago

Not too surprising, the first game had terrible performance.

conanlifts212d ago

The article state performance is terrible and makes comments like
"State of Decay 2 also supports Xbox One X but sadly the game doesn’t appear to be taking full advantage of the hardware with a disappointing performance."

It then provides a comparison link to a youtube video that shows the x runs at a stable 30fps in 4k with no issues present. This is a terrible article. If they want to make these claims they should link videos showing this, not videos refuting their own article.

maybelovehate212d ago

30fps is terrible performance haha

conanlifts212d ago

"30fps is terrible performance haha"

So you think 4k/30 is terrible on a console?

RainOfTerror213d ago

regardless of the reason, that doesn't bode well at all.

Ukgamer213d ago

Strange I’m sure there was a comparison video yesterday that had the X at a solid 30 although I didn’t watch the whole video

Ukgamer213d ago

I’m gonna find the video again and watch it all. I’ve watched a few streams and it all looks ok

Harmy666212d ago

Lol, people down voting, even though you literally provided video proof

conanlifts212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

They linked this video in the article. Randomly they used it as proof it ran terribly, despite the video showing stable gameplay in 4k with no bugs present.
I watched the video to see what issues were present and it was all positive. The main issues were the standard xbox frame rate fluctuating from 35-40 fps.

Kaze24212d ago

What you expect, it's N4G and they will over react to make the game look bad since it isn't coming to their favorite console..

UCForce212d ago

@Kaze24 Well, the game performance still have problems. Sure, the first one have one, but it was understandable at the time. Seriously, the game need more polish and that is no excuse. I’m sure State Of Decay 2 gameplay will be solid, but the story and dialogue are going be somewhat corny and cringe. I look at the video.

conanlifts212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@UCForce . I don't deny there might be a few bugs, the question is how may will remain post release. Personally the only ones I have really noticed are when getting in and out of vehicles, there seems to be random jerking and stuttering, plus limbs poking through doors. My issue is that this article is citing bugs without providing evidence. They also cited the Xbox X version as suffering and posted evidence which disagreed with their summation. So if this key point is incorrect why should we believe the rest of the article without evidence.
As for the story and dialogue it is probably no better or worse than the first, which I am fine with as it is the gameplay I am interested in.

UCForce212d ago

@sd11 What put me off is the co op implementation. If you go too far from your team, the game will pull you back with the group. That’s a dumb and outdated feature. This game is Open World. Many open games don’t have this. In Ghost Recon Wildland, you can go far away from your team.

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DigitalRaptor213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

The game looks cack visually, and these performance issues even on a high-end console? Unbelievable really.

Hopefully the gameplay is solid, but the jank is real and those co-op issues and restrictions... Damn! I don't think this is going to launch well, and after Sea of Thieves I really thought this would be a solid exclusive for Microsoft - it's absolutely a win that they need.