At Some Point, We’ll Definitely Have Only 4k/60fps Console Games: Developer On PS5 And Next Xbox

With the PS5 and next-gen Xbox on the horizon, the time has come for developers and players alike to begin considering and contemplating what the new consoles might bring with them to the table.

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maybelovehate185d ago

Pretty crazy that really only Halo 5 has pulled this off on a AAA title for console. And some racing games like Forza 5.

Neonridr185d ago

hardware requirements are quite steep and consoles never have the latest, cutting edge stuff.

Even my 1080ti can't run 4K @ 60fps for all titles, and that video card was $900 (Canadian) when I bought it. But they are getting closer and closer.

maybelovehate185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

True, I was more pointing out how amazing 343i is than knocking console performance. They "consoles" have come a long way. I just wish they would prioritize FPS over Resolution.

Neonridr185d ago

@maybelovehate - oh definitely, they did a great job with pushing performance.

185d ago
Neonridr185d ago

@gamerzero - well what's the point of the 1080ti if not to run it on ultra settings. I would sooner use ultra @ 1440p than medium @ 4K settings. Also at 1440p I get a wicked high framerate for my 165Hz monitor.

I have an i7-8700K and 16GB of 3000 Mhz DDR4 RAM.

porkChop185d ago (Edited 185d ago )


I didn't spend $2200CAD+ building a custom PC just to turn the settings down lol. I just keep the res down a bit to get my 1080 Ti pumping out 60fps.

seanpitt23185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Next gen will probably be native 4K setting maxed out at locked 30fps some less demanding game will hit the 60fps

Gaming_1st185d ago (Edited 185d ago )


Then you obviously do not have a understanding on adjusting your video settings. A 1080ti will run any game to date at 4k and 60fps. Might have to turn down some things on certain games, but it clearly will do it.

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frostlatch185d ago

I feel like 4K @ 60 fps is also a matter of programming and software breakthroughs. DICE's Frostbite has achieved so much with its engine and I feel like focusing on that will help push fidelity more than the next best card. The 1080Ti is a monster and needs the right foundation to stand on.

Neonridr185d ago

@Gaming_1st - no I fully understand about settings. The thing is, I don't want to turn things down to medium, I would rather run at a lower resolution with higher effects, lighting, shadows, etc. Plus I only game on a 1440p monitor (if I wanted 4K I would have to out to my TV anyways).

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OpenGL185d ago

Halo 5 ran at an average resolution of 800p on its first platform and even now it's not really 4K most of the time. They pulled it off by using low-quality assets and extremely aggressive LODs.

maybelovehate185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Actually Halo 5 on Xbox One X is holding 4k pretty much throughout. Digital Foundry said they could not find a spot it dropped. Damn impressive. And it looks amazing playing it. Have always wanted it on PC but I have to say it really holds up to what I would expect from top of the line PC gaming. Can't wait to see what 343 does with PC on the next Halo.

MrSec84185d ago

Actually Digital Foundry said smaller skirmishes hold 4K, but it actually drops in bigger ones to sub 4K, each axis dips independently to maintain 60FPS.

It still doesn't do 60FPS throughout each second, with far off enemies and assets being rendered at 30FPS, with closer ones rendered at 60FPS.

maybelovehate185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

The enemy animations far off are 30fps not the game lol. That ins't even possible. The game runs solid 60fps throughout.

3-4-5185d ago

343 is not a good studio.

maybelovehate185d ago

True, they are an amazing studio.

MrSec84185d ago

If a part of the rendering pipeline runs below 60FPS, then the game isn't a rock solid 60FPS.

Animations running at sub 60FPS are still a part of the game, not sure why you'd feel the need to lie to cover that up.

What do you mean it's not even possible to run portions of the game at different frame rates? It's a fact of that game, 30FPS is a feature used to optimize the game so that the game can run at 60FPS in certain areas.

maybelovehate185d ago

You do realize that every game has optimizations like this right? Do you think all HUD elements and Animations update on every interval? Nope. Optimizations happen in areas of games all over the place in order to reach the goals. In this case the goal was 60fps. Which they nailed.

MrSec84185d ago

Not all games on every platform no, but you still can't call a game 4K or 60FPS in it's entirety if it's not fully stable in both areas, with no deviations.

If you keep saying things are something they're not people won't take you seriously, quit the nonsense.

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Lennoxb63185d ago

No we won't. 4K sure. But 60 fps will never be the target if the game isn't competitive or skill based. As long as graphics sell consoles, 60 fps will never be priority for devs.

Goldby185d ago

MGSV wasnt either of those yet its 60fps.
Journey isnt either,
dragon quest builders

Lennoxb63185d ago

MGSV is one of the outliers. Very few 60 fps open world games. And the rest you mentioned aren't remotely demanding.

Sunny_D185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Too bad that graphics engine won’t be used for good games anymore.

_LarZen_185d ago

Maybe in 6-10 years 4K 60fps will be the norm on consoles. I highly doubt it tho as visual quality,physics and Ai will be prioritized over framerate.

OpenGL185d ago

Highly unlikely, there will always be developers that want to push visual fidelity further than is possible at 60fps.

OmnislashVer36185d ago

Yeah, but once graphics are "good enough" 60fps will be more appealing to many developers.

I just wish we would get enough power to get 4KCB60 with a decent graphical bump. A $499 console could do it.

OpenGL185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Yeah at some point in theory we will have graphics so good that there's nowhere to go but up in terms of framerate but that's still a long way away. When that does happen I think 60fps won't be the benchmark but 120 or 240fps for better VR support.

narsaku185d ago

There's absolutely nothing unlikely about it. Graphics can only go so far, FPS won't be far behind.

joab777185d ago

Nope. We will get some games at 8k/30fps lol!

narsaku185d ago

Consoles pick the figure that looks more impressive, not what's actually more important.

So yes, you're likely right.

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