Thanos with Weapons is Causing Nightmares for Fortnite Players

It seems a glitch has allowed Thanos to attain powers stronger than that of the infinity stones - wielding weapons and building walls.

If you see a Thanos with weapons, do not enagae, I repeat do not engage him. Just run for it.

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lxeasy187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

It's OP as it should be, it's only a limited time event they'll be alright. Lol

Segata187d ago

The only issue I have with Fortnite is they stole Nathan Barnatt's (Kieth Apricary) No Bones dance without his permission.

KyRo187d ago

It's a dance move. He didn't invent it. He's simply popularised it and fortnight made it bigger. You don't need to ask permission for a dance move. All dancing is a expression.

noxeven187d ago

Mode has been taken out atm!

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