Grand Theft Auto Online Update Adds New Trap Door Mode, Rewards, Vehicle Discounts and More

Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and the surrounding area, Grand Theft Auto V delivers a world of unprecedented scale and detail bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean.

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richierich184d ago

How about an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Patch

WilliamSheridan184d ago

I think at this point they almost owe it to the players who have stuck around and made it the most profitable console game ever. But, I also don't think they will. Rockstar has become greedy... Once you get bit by that bug its over

InKnight7s184d ago

greedy by releasing total free add ons? So what about COD isn't that evil and the greedy itself?

JackBNimble184d ago

Give it a rest already.
You call them greedy but what they have done is found a successful formula and giving "ALL" dlc for free. This keeps the GTA community from fracturing and splitting up.

You also have a choice whether or not to buy shark cards, you are not obligated to ever buy into shark cards.
You don't want to grind? You tell me what mmo you don't have to grind... Gta online is as close to an mmo as you are going to get and grinding to get ahead is the nature of those types of games.

I also hope the RDR2 follows the same online formula, I am almost certain it will but we will see.

generic-user-name184d ago

You are owed nothing. Don't act so entitled.

KwietStorm184d ago

The most profitable console game ever....every piece of DLC is free. You contradicted your own nonsense about being greedy. These aren't even simple flip of a switch add ons either. They generally add content that you'd be paying $10-$15 for elsewhere.

Chano184d ago

Greedy yes story prices vs mp prices? Nightmare. All the damn time it took me to grind out a full upgraded avenger only for it to be a waste of time. This game is meant to grab money, i seriously regret not purchasing shark card for avenger i regret using up 7 weeks just to grind and get that vehicle, but you know how much a fully upgraded avenger is in real money? Over $50 for an in game vehicle. If that's not greed damn idk what is. You don't need cards but for the time it takes for you to get a car you will most likely want to stick to cards, my little brother got tired of that so I'm glad he took advantage of the give your friend cars glitch when it was a thing the person was kind enough to dupe his cars.

WilliamSheridan184d ago

The add ons aren't truly free. They are driving revenue with shark cards. A resolution patch does nothing for revenue.

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bigdaddyjoep183d ago

I think rockstar is doing a great job

gangsta_red183d ago

How long has this online been going on for?