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CGM Writes: The look of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time and the time it spends with its characters gives the game a great deal of charm, but its play styles continually drag it down.

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Ashlen187d ago

I find it funny that people praise Dragons Crown but then give this game with plays pretty much the same low scores.

People who like Dragons Crown will love this game.

NiteX187d ago

There's probably a very good reason for that. Dragon's Crown has quite a lot more polish and quality going for it compared to this game. Also seems it takes a lot longer to get to the fun parts of the game (the action) than it does with DC. From what I've seen anyway.

Ashlen187d ago

Have you played it? I mean not polished is hardly how I would describe it. I don't want to say anything bad about Dragons Crown, I love that game and VanillaWare but honestly LWA has much more "game" to it. DC is basically just lets grind missions with minimal story.

This game plays as good as DC and has an awesome story and deep characters.

It's unfortunate this game is getting low review scores I have a feeling it's just because you play as a school girl which doesn't appeal to some people. But I love the art style and the humor and the characters.