5 of the best Single Player games on Xbox One

Tom writes: "It’s fair to say that the Xbox One houses a plethora of great multiplayer titles from Forza to Halo and Rocket League to Fortnite. But what of the single player titles?"

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GamesMaster1982217d ago

And not a single one is a X1 exclusive how sad is that.

WilliamSheridan217d ago

Not sad at all... RotTR was a timed, so that we a good one to play. And honestly has almost caught up to Uncharted. Although I still prefer Uncharted...

GamesMaster1982217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Rise of the Tomb Raider is not even on this list, so why are you even bringing that up. Plus pal a timed exclusive is still technically not a exclusive.

WilliamSheridan217d ago

Because for a year it was only on Xbox.

Honestly, so this petty squabbling over exclusives is silly. Just buy both, then you can play ps4 exclusives, and Xbox and third party

OpenGL217d ago

It actually released on PC roughly 2 months after Xbox One.

Minute Man 721217d ago

Uncharted 4 sucked was letdown by that game and I bought the CE. Sony showed the best part @E3

WilliamSheridan217d ago

Uncharted 4 was awesome. I'm still playing it, kind of lost traction, but it's great. I think 2 and 3 were better, but it's still a solid title. I'm also struggling to finish God of War, but it's still a great title.

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GamesMaster1982217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Not mad bud just stating a fact. Look im hoping Microsoft do pump out some good games this year and ill get them on my PC. Just like if State of Decay 2 does well ill be picking that up also on PC. I don't hate Microsoft, it's just they are not really doing much game wise latley like Sony and Nintendo. It's like they spent all that money creating the consoles but would rather put out apps for them instead of creating great games. They made excellent games on the OG Xbox and 360 so they have no excuses why they can't this gen.

naruga217d ago

5 best sp games on XOne ---Bloodborne , Horizon , Nioh ,Nier , Monster hunter World on PS4 (aka change the console)

Leemundo217d ago

But you have to use that janky controller... 😧
If you want to play those games with the best controller, you need an Elite.
Keep your crab handled joystick over on the PlayStation side. Urgh.

And speaking from 15 years experience, the best games are those you can play with your friends and have a laugh and keep in touch, even if they live miles away. They have Xbox, so now I do.

Mmmkay217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Do you still have to buy batteries for that controller? In 2018? Lol
And I have got more that 35 years experience playing games. You are so wrong. Every game is better with friends, does not mean online multiplayer is the bomb!

Leemundo217d ago

Mate, in 35 years you never heard of rechargeable? 🙄

Next you'll be telling me you have to physically turn on your PS4 instead of telling it to. Oh, wait... 😏

OpenGL217d ago

Telling your Xbox to turn on, that is amusing given the latest models don't even come with built in Kinect support.

PoopsMcGee217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Leemundo: FYI the PS4 has voice controls (or you can just touch the button on the controller).

Z501217d ago

"15 years experience"
Hahahahahaha!' What's that PS2, GC, ogXB experience. You're still at the kids table.
The PS4 has voice commands genius.

Leemundo217d ago


I was talking in perspective of playing online actually. Which without being specific about Console or PC, is about 15 years. I don't have a PS4 - didn't have a clue they have included voice commands now.

By the way genius, it was pointed out in the comment above yours a full 10hrs ago, but thanks for your insight to the conversation. Useful.

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capjacksparrow217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

This is honestly the reason I haven't gotten the XBO (I usually pick up all 3 consoles in a generation). While they have some decent titles, the only exclusive game rated above 90 is a Forza game (and I'm not huge on racing). Usually anything above 90 is indicative of quality. I was kinda interested in Sunset Overdrive because I like Insomniac, but the idea for the game itself didn't sway me (if it were the other way around and XBO got an Insomniac SpiderMan game, I'd get it in a heartbeat).

Almost all the games I want on it aren't exclusive. I'd really like to see the Xbox become more competitive to drive up the competition rate (though Sony is hammering it out of the park even without it). If you were to make the same list, but with Playstation, you could keep the Witcher on that list, but the other 4 games would be stuff you can't get elsewhere (God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona or a number of others).

I would like to see some cool single player games from Microsoft, it may make me get their next console (granted it's got BC), so I can play what I missed from this gen.

optimus217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

If you never played sunset overdrive then you are really missing out. I was hesitant myself and never picked it up until it was free on gold and I was kicking myself because I didn't buy into it sooner. other excellent titles to pick up if you've never done so is ori and the blind forest and state of decay. Halo Wars and also just cause 3 XL is one of the few games to keep me up playing through the wee hours of the mornings...

Can you get that game elsewhere? Sure, but what if you don't have another console or gaming PC? then you are left with what you got and be glad it's on there. Stop complaining and just play. At this point If you can't find a good game to play then you are just not trying.

This is a dumb list overall and I truly don't get people's complains about exclusivity. Why complain if it has good games you want regardless of you can find them elsewhere? You all act like Sony is giving you a cut of the games they sell when in reality it's the other way around. 🙄

Bhai217d ago

"At this point If you can't find a good game to play then you are just not trying."

Fine, good games, I got you!
But what about better games? Isn't it always finer???
Yeah, why downplay the better/finer options, isn't it injustice in itself?

PS4 simply deliver the ultimate 'next step' in games... and all in spades... even if I keep the Yakuza series exclusivity for PS4 in sight, I'd say this system is head n' shoulders above the competition... and future prospects like Kojima's game or the spiderman games make competition look extremely poor and devoid of life!

Bhai217d ago

"You all act like Sony is giving you a cut of the games they sell when in reality it's the other way around."

It doesn't even take a gamer to see, and since so sooo long, that people having the hobby of videogames don't need 'cuts' to appreciate a company/dev... its already a 'well off' folks' hobby, who can afford 100s of $ every other week to stay relative... it is the raw creative productions that make everyone come along to celebrate a certain console maker... Sony here has delivered in spades what the competition yearns to reach even on finger counts ;)

capjacksparrow217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

If you want my honest opinion, I think that Microsoft being successful in what it's doing this generation is bad for the industry. It sets a precedent that can be followed for future success and I hope not to see anything like this again. Is Sunset Overdrive good? I'm sure it is. Is it worth $360+ dollars (because I'd have to buy a console along with it)? Probably not. Most games aren't.

I've had my fill of Halo and Gears in the past, and these new games aren't jumping over the older games in terms of quality. It's the same stuff over and over.

Is Sony giving me a cut of the games they sell? Absolutely not. Are they giving me compelling exclusive games to play in addition to the great 3rd party games on offer? You bet. Do they release old franchises like Microsoft? Sure thing, but they introduce just as much new IP into the industry at the same time.

I would like Kratos to pull MS aside and say "Do not be sorry, be better."

optimus217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

@bhai... Better than what?? I'm not downplaying anything. I guess you skipped over the part I said "what if you don't have another console or gaming PC? " Then how could you claim the games are not "better" If you have nothing to compare them to?... Not everyone can afford 3 consoles and a PC; and even if they could, not everyone would want to.... You say Sony has delivered in spades as if every single game they put out has been a 9 or 10....i bet I can find many mediocre games to go along with those top notch games....

sure they put out a lot of games, no argument about that but to proclaim by most people in here that there are no quality games to be found on Xbox is short sighted.


I stopped buying games based on high scores ages ago simply because scores are subjective. I bought a used game of the year version of fallout on 360 thinking it was a great game based on the scores it got and it was one of the worst games I've ever played in my life and I've been playing games for over 40 yrs now...i returned it after a few days even though it only cost me $15 I still felt ripped off. Never again will I touch another fallout game after that.

If you are convinced that there aren't better games outside of Forza, halo, and gears, on Xbox... Then I am convinced that most of the games on PlayStation are overrated. Are there some great games on the PlayStation? Probably, but like you it's not enough to make me spend $300 or more to buy the system to play them.... My point is, be happy with what you have if that is all you have... I'm quite satisfied with my Xbox and the games that are on it... New and old. And am very much looking forward to what is to come whether it's 3 games or 20, I'm just going to play and have fun doing so.

capjacksparrow216d ago

@optimus; it's not an insult to you my friend. I just expect Microsoft to do better. Right now all they're doing is hurting their own fanbase and the industry. By finding any kind of success in the industry, you'll immediately find another company that replicates what you've done, of which there are countless examples.

Last generation the 360 introduced a lot of great innovations with Xbox Live (including Achievements), they came out with quite a few decent exclusives (though that was when Lionhead, Bungie, and Epic were working on them), and they helped bring indies to the forefront of the industry.

These were all great things, among others. Sony copied quite a few things to the benefit of themselves and their consumers (trophies, better online, indie representation). Some of the bad things are taken and copied as well, for instance, I hate timed exclusive DLC, I think it's bad for the industry and Sony has taken a page right from MS's playbook (I never purchase timed DLC mind you). I would rather see the money invested in a true new exclusive for a platform, this way you can create a new studio with more jobs for industry employees and give consumers more options.

This gen, however, MS hasn't introduced much in the way of great quality in the exclusive games department (which is the most important in my opinion), it is a game system after all and you should give me games I can't get elsewhere and that I want to play.

I understand where you're coming from, and if you're attached to your Gamerscore and profile, I do get it. It's hard to put aside all that for another console and start fresh. What dissapointed me is that MS knows this, they know people will keep their console because of an attachment to their profile, so they bank on it, and they keep making promises that never deliver. The PS3 took a while to get off the ground, but if they never delivered, you can bet your ass I wouldn't have stuck with it is my main console. I eventually got a 360 when I had enough money, but PS3 was flying high at that point.

What I'm trying to say is this, people that are supporting MS now are saying, with their money "Yeah, keep doing what you're doing, we'll keep paying," which is a bad thing for the industry. With the PS4, you're getting some of the best games that you can play on the XBO, but you're also getting the option to play some of the best games from the generation. I recently played God of War and I was in awe of how amazing that game was. The polish and detail that went into every aspect of the game completely stunned me, and I've been playing games for quite a while myself ( though not as long as you, wise master). Anyway, don't short yourself, man. You're a gamer and you deserve all the options!

optimus216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I don't think you do understand where I'm coming from... For 1, as someone who's been playing games for over 40 yrs. and having achievements for the last 10 of those yrs. I really find them pointless along with having gamerscores. Neither works as an incentive for me to continue playing a game. If they happen as I play then so be it but I can't remember at any point me playing a game in order to get an achievement. But I understand they serve as bragging rights for the younger crowd and that may feel entertaining for them.... Needless to say, my connection to Xbox has nothing to do with game incentives....

My displeasure with Sony came with their 1st PlayStation of which I was a day 1 customer. 2 yrs in I came to find my games skipping and having to turn the console on it's side to alleviate the problem. I ended up taking it to a repair shop and finding out Sony used hard plastic for their laser lenses and that dust particles would eventually melt into the lenses (thanks to having an open top loader) causing games to skip... I had to replace that lense 3 times during it's lifetime at my expense... After that I never touched a Sony console again....

Claims of Microsoft "dropping the ball" are unwarranted at this point as they have done quite a lot to rectify their bad decisions since the release of the xb-1... Canceling an "always online" connection, mandatory Kinect, limited game sharing, improved hardware, (s, x) improved backwards compatibility, play anywhere...

Granted most of the improvements they focused on were features and hardware but with new management there have been some great changes, all that's left now are games to focus on and I know we will see them at this year's e3.... Sony on the other hand, told their customers to get a 2nd job if you want the ps3 when it 1st came out. They removed backwards compatibility from it because according to them "people don't care". They later charged for online play (something Sony gamers used to gloat about being free) and gamers were ok with that as well, even justifying as more revenue for Sony is good (As if they're getting some of that money). Then Sony creates backwards compatibility as " Always online" AND you have to pay for and people praised it (although very few use it)...

Now Microsoft comes up with game pass and the Sony gamers downplay that as not worth it. It boggles my mind as to how Sony seemingly can do no wrong with their fanbase even when they have copied quite a few things from Microsoft... As far as the current games go. Sure, Sony has the upper hand but when it comes to 3rd party you can't honestly say you'll get the better version on a playstation (even pro) than on the current xb1-x.

capjacksparrow216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I haven't purchased a Pro or an X because I don't like the idea of mid gen upgrades. If I don't like what a company is doing, I generally won't buy their console.

You're right about Sony's arrogance with the PS3, I think it was rather ridiculous. Their online was free, but for quite some time, it was barely serviceable (you had to quit a game to send and receive a message for goodness sake!).

You have every right to have your opinion, and I can understand where you're coming from. I eventually had enough saved up for a 360 (my PS3 was a gift), only had 4 games on my 360 and it died twice (Red Ring), since then I haven't purchased another Xbox (though I played a lot of original Xbox). I intended to buy all three consoles this gen as I did last, hell I got a Wii U (for Smash), but there just wasn't an lay strong exclusive content that I truly wanted.

Also of note, I haven't purchased a 4K tv yet, so it wouldn't make sense for me to pick up either, I know those consoles increase performance, but as long as my games run well, I don't need them to run better. I think this gen is coming to a close within a few years, so I'm just gonna wait for the next consoles.

And I don't disagree with you when it comes to Sony being arrogant and it's fans being the same way. My personal annoyance comes from the want of betterment for the industry. Game Pass sounds cool, haven't tested it obviously, but I'll give credit where it's due. I personally don't play very many last gen games (even though I have my old consoles hooked up), though I can see why people would want it. From what I understand, it very difficult with the PS3 to be forward compatible because Sony wanted a crazy architecture (for some bizarre reason), even PC emulators have a hard time with it. They should address it outright and mention their mistakes. And you're definitely right, Microsoft is making up for lost time since the launch of the One and I hope to see them grow. If they put out some irresistible exclusives, there's no doubt I'll pick one up!

What kind of games do you like, Optimus?

optimus216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Well it looks like we have similar gripes with our console counterparts. I'll admit I too got the red rings twice (3 yrs into it's lifespan) but the difference being that Microsoft repaired it for free each time... unlike Sony. I also haven't upgraded to the mid gen versions (s, x). My original xb-1 is alive and well and I can't justify spending several hundreds of dollars to see prettier versions of my games. Along with not having a 4k TV to take advantage of it, I'm in no hurry and by the time the price comes down or I get a 4k TV then I'm sure the next generation will be out...

I'm an old school gamer that plays mostly single player games, open world, side scrolling shooters, metroidvania types, a few sports and 1st person shooters with a good long campaign. Don't really care for multiplayer anything. I'll try it out a few times just to see how it unfolds but most of the time it's not very fun for me cause I don't have the time these kids put into it to get really good at it.
Now you might be thinking that if single player games is what I crave then I should invest in a PlayStation but at this point it's too late. The damage is done, and my grudge will continue as long as there are other hardware options out there. Besides, there are a slew of single player games from last generation
Xbox that I never got to play, so I'm glad I can pick them up now for very cheap or free. 😉

capjacksparrow216d ago

Well, I can definitely understand where you're coming from. It's difficult to be able to simply forgive a company for screwing you over. I'm in the same boat as you, I love single player games, mainly with strong story aspects. I'm not into many multiplayer games (though I do play plenty of Overwatch as a way to spend time with friends, and played a bunch of Halo 2 back in the day).

You seem like a cool guy, I know you're pretty annoyed with Sony, but if you ever do get a PlayStation console, feel free to add me online, my account is the same as my N4G username. If I get an XboxOne, I'll be sure to add you! Not sure what you Gamertag is though.

optimus215d ago

although they say "never say never"; at this point it's highly unlikely i would ever get a playstation...regardless of the games i'll be missing out on (like the upcoming spiderman), even if i won it in a contest i would more than likely sell it sealed and use that money to get a switch. it's like divorcing a supermodel wife and have her take 80% of your money, the house, and the kids. while still having to pay her's highly unlikely i would ever marry her again, or even have coffee together, that is what sony is to me. :p gamertag is in my profile...i have all 3 generations of xboxes and undoubtedly will get the next one in a couple of years if it happens.

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Leemundo217d ago

Just gonna throw the cat amongst the pigeons here....

The best single player game you can play on Xbox One is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Can't play that on your PS4 can you... 😜

Mmmkay217d ago

wow , a 15 year old game. how many consoles are you gonna buy to play old games when you can buy one console to play new games?

Leemundo217d ago

Errrrrr.... Just one... for both. Are you drunk?

Guys, there's someone lost out here and needs a cuddle...

Mmmkay217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Sounds like you are not old enough to be legally drunk. Why would I want to play a 15 year old game on ps4? I could not play it on ps3 either and that did not bother me. Guess why? I played it 15 years ago.
Go play play SoT with your friends and wait for SoD and E3, lol

Leemundo217d ago

Yes. I have also played it - probably the greatest single player game of all time.

C64, MegaDrive I & II, MegaCD, PlayStation 1 & 2, GB Advancd, PSP, N64, Xbox, 360 and One. Also PC since Duke Nukem and C&C.

How about the latest generation? Those that have never had, and will likely never buy the original console? This is an Xbox article, for those that haven't played it, and probably own an Xbox as they are reading an article about Xbox, then my suggestion is entirely valid. Why don't you go and comment on PC articles about Playstation brainiac?

Why do PS owners feel the need to invade every Xbox article? The PC is the best gaming platform, but it's all subjective. And if we're really honest, Nintendo has produced some of the greatest single player games in history. Fact. Still don't want a Switch though.

yellowgerbil217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

By that logic the switch has the best lineup of all 3 because Mario 3 is coming and that is objectively the greatest game ever made

FloydianAndroid217d ago

Nier automata can be added to this list soon