There’s Nothing Promising About the Future of Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s second expansion is out today, and it sucks. Offering a remarkably short 120-minute campaign and a handful of Strikes made from recycled old story missions, this $20 DLC is struggling to justify its existence. However, many critics have noted that despite its obvious shortcomings, it offers a promising glimpse at the future Bungie has planned for Destiny 2. But after eight months, two disappointing expansions, and a slew of controversies, we’re well beyond talking about Destiny 2’s promise. It’s time to put this mangy raccoon of a game to rest.

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naruga215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

what a tragic game ...both 1 and 2.......Sony should have never payed exclusivity for this cheapy made hybrid -RPG -HALO clone ...the game cant deliver enjoyable and interesting gameplay content (the same as most MMoRpGs) let alone that it is an obligatory FPS with very poor concept ....higher ups in Sony that are responsible for quality control should have easily forseen this .......all that money for Destiny timed deals on PS4 could have been spent for total exclusivity of Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy ....or for more japan exclusives/development of exclusives

jukins214d ago

You must not know business. You're looking at it as a gamer. . . As a business sony obviously made the right move. Because destiny 1 was one the best selling most played games of the gen. And of course that means the sequel will be hyped as well shitty or not it's still has sold millions of copies on ps4. There's no way capcom was gonna make mhw psexclusive as well as final fantasy again stop thinking about it as a gamer and look at it from a business perspective. . . If you can

Razmiran214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Destiny sucks, but it made a ton of money, and getting the best version of the first game probably helped sell consoles in 2014

IN_ecK214d ago

I honestly think both Destiny 1 and 2 are good quality games. Amaziing level desing, many ways to play. Why expect this impossible ammount of content? Instead look at the details of what there is, for me (with out huge ammounts of repetition) these games have lasted and contained a whole lot more than for example an uncharted game. I think the real issue is whats been expected rather than whats been delivered. For sure there are short comings but better receviced games have gotten away with a whole lot more.

sawoosevens214d ago

I can tell like me, you are part of the problem these people are literally making people pay for the exact same shit more than once it's a shitty business practice but they played us well ; after I finish this dlc I say no more.

IN_ecK214d ago

Well when you boil it down, for me it’s about entertainment per buck, and I can’t see how this game has fooled me. I often compare game prices to rental movies and expect either a lasting existential thought process or a rollercoaster of feelings (be that joy or what not) if I leave the game after 12 hrs feeling I’ve gotten more than 6-8 movies then I’m completely satisfied and ok with the product that I’ve spent time and money on.

spicelicka214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Well part of your problem is you are just using your own personal paradigm to assess the value of the game for millions of others. Entertainment per buck isn't an ultimate determinant to assess a game's quality or value, because it's entirely subjective. Someone somewhere probably got more enjoyment and playtime from Pokemon Go than you've gotten in Destiny, that doesn't mean Pokemon Go should be priced at $60 and milked with DLC.

Your first two sentences are not wrong, they are good quality games and gameplay is great. But no one is expecting an "impossible" amount of content. People expect a fair amount of new content that's not overpriced.

Think about it, Destiny 1 was a disappointment at first. They added improvements through DLC/expansions, which was great except the content was recycled and the collective price of DLC was more than the game itself. That's absurd. Then they forced players to buy all DLC to even play the game properly, and restricted players who bought their game at launch.

Then they release Destiny 2 and basically reuse the same assets with minor improvements. Seriously, most people wouldn't be able to tell D1 apart from D2 by looking at the graphics, even most of the guns are exactly the same. Again they are doing the same overpriced DLC bullshit policies. That's insulting to other games that improve so much on their sequels and give you actual new DLC content, Titanfall and Halo 5 gave it away for free even.

Lastly, the campaign was over in like 5 hours and cheesy in most areas. You can say Destiny lasted more than an Uncharted game but you're completely ignoring the quality. Uncharted campaigns are carefully crafted experiences with so much detail and care gone into them. Everything from the story, level design, set pieces, environment detail, dialogue, pacing, location variety, is far beyond what Destiny had in its campaign.

IN_ecK214d ago

To be fair I was never talking from any other perspective than my own and always beeing subjetive about the opinions, never claming anything else so I fail to see where I’m trying to impose my paradigmn for millions of players. Otherwise I completely agree with all of your statements and only feel I need to clairfy that what I wanted to share was an opinion of mine that I enjoyed the games and that teven thou I agrre on what you stated I would accept even a third game. I don’t mind quitting after 10-30hrs of mixed solo/multi pvp/pve gameplay. I also am curious of what you consider to be a valid determinant of a game value? I most shy away from MMO or FPS games and tend to play more of the ”artsy” ”indie” kind, but would never say no to an uncharted game or big budget AAA of which I’m just as amazed by all the effort put into the game. Regarding this subject I was merely trying to understand the overly negative comments and beeing somewhat baffled by how all of the work/money beeing put into trying to make a good game manages to end in this total rage from furios customers feeling that the soul purpose of developers are to ”milk” for money. Again discussing point of view hoping to land in understanding rather than negative reactions to comments ^^;

IN_ecK214d ago

Joining in on the complaints instead of trying to see the good; What really bothers me thou is that instead of having all that was implemented in late D1 in regards to functionality transfer to D2 it seemed like D2 started out just as “dumb” as D1 did having improvements to core functionality beeing patched in during the game cycle.

Sevir214d ago

The same people bashing this ran out and bought Sea of Thieves, the same people who bashed Destiny, also bashed the Division for the same reasons they love Sea of Theives... These same people who bashed Destiny, will pony up money for Anthem... And what's funny is Anthem is Bioware's take on Shared world online gaming experience Ala Division, Destiny, Sea of Thieves... These games have a hard time maintaining their momentum, for the simple fact that Gamers blow through content and want more, Destiny 2 in terms of structure, was everything Vanilla Destiny should have been... it was great. I'll say the decision to cut features from all of what they built over the 4 years with Destiny and it's 3 years of Expansions was a bad idea. But the game is Good, the mechanics are sound, the content is enjoyable, that's obviously why people come back. With a model such as GAS, the user base's appetite will always outstrip the rate and depth of content being supplied. Gamers want 30 hour main quests and a ton of side content... And that's simply not how the GAS model is designed to work. Not with how gamers are for games which deliver a pitch perfect game play experience...

And just as Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves is having these pains... So will The Division 2 and Anthem, and whatever new game that Adopts Bungie's formula

Frinker214d ago

Just pull the plug on this franchise please

DivineAssault 214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Destiny was the biggest troll game ever.. xbox fans were pissed off bungie did their own thing multiplat.. Then PS fans got a game nothing like Halo.. Both parties getting dumped on with lame microtransactions/dlc rip offs.. Glad i never bought into it.. For all we know, Halo couldve been a one hit wonder and bungie nevers makes another good franchise.. Time will tell

Kupa214d ago

Everybody who made Halo is now at 343 Industries (like, literally almost the entire senior staff). People think of Bungie as the home of Halo, but the tenants moved out years ago.

Sevir214d ago

And Halo is hasn't been a shadow of it's former glory... Let's quit acting like The game play of Destiny isn't polished and satisfying... This arguement is old. Nearly 5 years old. Xbox fans are praising Sea of Thieves but hating Destiny when it has less content and a quite barren player count with people losing interest.

DivineAssault 213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Well if 343 is literally all of them from the past, they're just as big of a troll as bungie and MS should fire them.. Both Halo 4 & 5 sucked.. Halo 3 sucked to a degree.. Halo 2 was accepted by fans but thats way back on OG xbox. Your telling me that Halo has been a hot mess since the OG xbox while retaining the OG members?? Maybe they hired talent less bafoons and Halo will never regain the popularity it once had.. Who knows but thanks for the info because it makes more sense that as technology advanced, they hired poor developers.. It explains a lot because its been dull for so long..

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