Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal Teasers Begin

A recent Twitter post on the Call of Duty page teases fans about Black Ops 4 ahead of the community reveal event, which is scheduled to take place on May 17th.

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super_cuddles214d ago

This reveal is going to blow the minds of gamers and reinvigorate the industry like only cod can

Mark my words Sonny boy

super_cuddles214d ago

I do think so... Mark my words UCForce

StonieWylder214d ago

Please do tell the last time this happened because the past 5 or so cod haven't done any of that.

UCForce214d ago

Getting cocky isn’t going to help you.

super_cuddles214d ago

Let's just wait for the reveal, it will have 1000 degree stories and all four boxes filled, the HYPE will be real. Then.... Come at me bro

UCForce214d ago

Like every years,hud ? My excitement gone down since Black Ops 2.

super_cuddles214d ago

Nope, I've also disliked every cod since bo2, didn't even play ww2, but bo3 had promise and is still very active, they have had 3 years to get this right.

SheenuTheLegend214d ago

they can't do anything else than copy paste. we need a campaign length of 20+hrs. a good story and story telling, innovative and quality gameplay, dedicated servers, free dlc, more maps and better design. when they do this. you kids are welcome. but as a true gamer we don't have any hopes from actishitsion

gamer9214d ago

I agree that this is the year. Didn’t touch the last 2 CoDs. Treyarch is the best. They have sat on the sidelines and watched Overwatch, Siege, PUBG, shake things up. If all they do is copy Blops3 with new specialists I’d be shocked. I’m expecting something different, perhaps the biggest change since MW1 came out and everyone copied it

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NobleRed214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Lagarch will deliver like always. Shitty hit detection laggy Servers with hybrid servers but we will call it dedicated Servers anway.

Special extra supply drops. When the game drops we will fool people that there won't be weapons in supply drops. Weeks later we will proudly present new weapons that you can only get through supply drop gambling.

RedKnightOH214d ago

Also expect "Microtransactions and Loot Boxes" in this CoD BO4! Oh yeah... Battle Royal for the kiddies too!! Lots to look forward to. Here's an idea! You guys buy it... and let us know if it blows!!

gamer9214d ago

Been playing FPS since doom / quake / duke 3d. I will try it and let you know sir. Treyarch always puts out a polished game. And yes BR is for kiddies if you are talking about Fortnite. Give PUBG a try sometime for an intense adult game with vehicles and ADS

RedKnightOH214d ago

I've seen nothing good about BO4. The news gets worse and less impressive day by day. CoD and BO started falling apart soon after their introductions... and they never looked back as to what they first built. Call of Duty and the Battlefield games are the same game now and only competing for the (zombie kiddies) against each other. Sad.

Parasyte214d ago

You haven't seen anything about BO4 other than speculation.

Kabaneri214d ago

Black Ops 3 was good, but the lootbox system was the worst of any COD. So many DLC weapons (almost more than base game weapons) that could have added so much variety to the game, but they were so hard to get most people only have 1 or 2.

Lakerfan95213d ago

treyarch has not made a bad call of duty game, so im actually excited for this game