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slate91185d ago

Unfortunate to hear. Hope his time off works out and can return to making games again.

-Foxtrot185d ago

It is unfortunate but honestly after Lawbreakers and then doing Radical Heights, ignoring the issues surrounding them they brought this on themselves

On one hand people have become jobless, it's awful to hear

On the other shitty decisions can't keep you afloat and he paid the price. Maybe this will knock some sense into the guy.

DarkOcelet185d ago

He should have made Lawbreakers f2p when he had the chance. Maybe it would have garnered more players.

slate91185d ago

Yeah a perfect storm to end them up in the spot they're in. Hope they can all land jobs somewhere. I will miss lawbreakers though.

bolimekurac185d ago

or you guys could have just supported the game. well now hes gone, hope you guys are happy

-Foxtrot185d ago


Support two crappy games? No thanks

I'll support those who make smart decisions and take in feedback. Cliffy should have went back to AAA development or made something that we are lacking like a platform game.

morganfell185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

"or you guys could have just supported the game. well now hes gone, hope you guys are happy"

I am happy. Hold on while I pop a cork. I am sorry for the people working there but Cliff and the leadership wouldn't listen so this is the only way people learn. To paraphrase Chris Porter,

Don't touch the stove its hot.
Don't touch the stove its hot.

Finally, know what? Lick it.

Your anger is completely misdirected. Put that dislike where it belongs. Cliff's head. Why should we have supported a bad game? Can you give me a reason? Any time a bad company shuts down and the game industry trims the fat we should be happy. The only thing I am sorry about is they were funded a large series of investments and couldn't make a good game. What a waste of money that could have produced something great.

SenorFartCushion185d ago

You really don't know how business works, do you - like at all 😂

Only a person who is uninformed and mean about it would post something from this side of the fence.

-Foxtrot185d ago


How the hell am I being mean, compared to some comments here

It sucks but he didn’t listen and got what was coming. This is what happens when you make shitty decisions over and over not taking in feedback or learning from their mistakes.

We all saw this coming

AspiringProGenji185d ago

Support should be earned, and Lawbreakers barely earned that. Gaming is not a charity

bolimekurac184d ago

ok so lawbreakers wasnt the best game ever but it played well and was pretty to look at and had actual gameplay, but everyone hated it but the same people will go crazy over a qte game that has no gameplay at all

AspiringProGenji184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

A “QTE game with no gameplay at all” would probably have more appeal than a game trying to fit in in a oversaturated market. Also Lawbreakers had terrible marketingnd failed to differentiate it from Overwatch and others, and Cliff himsef did nothing but try to shit on Overwatch with his ego when comparing it to Overwatch every chance he got

lodossrage184d ago


"or you guys could have just supported the game. well now hes gone, hope you guys are happy "

Are you serious with that comment? The gaming industry isn't some charity. Why should people support crappy products? If you buy into a product that's crap, all it does is incentivize them to make MORE crap.

I hate the idea of people losing their jobs and money just as much as the next person. But NOBODY has a right to put out CRAP and expect to be compensated for it.

Obscure_Observer183d ago


"On the other shitty decisions can't keep you afloat and he paid the price."

Shitty decisions like release Lawbreakers only on PS4? I remember alot of you telling people how much his decision made sense since the PS4 has the larger userbase. Now you´re crapping on the guy?

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joab777185d ago

I hope he gets that spark of originality that he had. Last 2 outings not so good.

It’s almost as if they put out radical heights hoping it would topple PuBG and Fortnite in pre-access form in a few weeks.

Veneno184d ago

What might have happened is they quickly put out RH so that it might save the studio from an investor prospective. Probably hoping the investors would see it as a bounce back project and not shut them down.

Palitera185d ago

On one side, yes, Cliffy is ridiculous.

On the other side, it is not that simple. Every time a studio shuts down, we are losing experience on the industry. Companies don't immediately become successful, they all do some big errors before getting the many big rights we demand so much.

So, apart from the consequences to the big douche Cliffy (which I happily believe will be marked by this), it is also unfortunate that the projects didn't work out and we lost a great chance to a great game. And many people lost their time and jobs.

JackBNimble184d ago

As unfortunate as it maybe, it doesn't mean the industry will lose experience. The studio may have shut down but I am sure many of the devs will be picked up other studios.

Palitera184d ago

Yeah, I mean that in the sense that there was a team improving their assets and processes.

IamTylerDurden1184d ago

That's what happens when you're late to the party..twice. Gears was fresh at the time. Stick to original ideas, stop trying to sell your soul for money.

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isarai185d ago

Well i mean that's what happens when you try to ride off the waves of something popular that already exists... TWICE!

SuperSonic91185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

He also rode the popularity that consoles are becoming extinct and pc or mobile gaming was gonna kill the PS4,

Middle class games are dead ...

NieR Automata and Persona 5 says hi

blah blah blah

He is so full of himself

VenomUK185d ago

After two derivative games that failed to make an impact it was inevitable, however I’m sorry to hear when any studio closes.

Maybe Cliffy B. can return to Microsoft and work on Gears 5

IamTylerDurden1184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Developers need to follow their heart and passion rather than following the next big trend in hopes to strike it big. We see how it worked for Cliff and we can see how Gearbox and Rare did chasing the newest trend. It's sad to see all these publishers with dollar signs in their eyes. It seems like these companies are starting off with the monetization of the game first and building around that. Instead of starting off with a great idea and figuring out the monetization after.

Even Santa Monica caved last gen by adding MP to Ascension, and it failed. Now, they are back to making the best game possible and God of War is kicking ass.

ILostMyMind184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Not the same thing. MP on GoW Ascension was funny and free.

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DigitalRaptor185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

That's rough.

I was going to say that they should have gone F2P with Lawbreakers from the start, but that didn't work out too well for Paragon either.

Goldby185d ago

Other reasons, not because it was f2p.

Devs stopped listening to the fans and instead changed the game to their liking, causing match times to drop, ttk to decrease and an overall shitty stun meta.

Hopefully Rising Phoenix prevails