5 Japanese Developers that Microsoft Should Throw Money at for Some Exclusives

With E3 2018 fast approaching and Microsoft in need of some heavy hitting software for the Xbox One, Japan's many noteworthy developers could be their saving grace. These five in particular are some of the strongest choices, as well as some of the most logical choices from a business perspective.

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zcmilano186d ago

It'd be a big shock if Microsoft managed to partner with a developer Sony had traditionally been in bed with. Maybe this year's E3 will have some surprises in store. Pretty much the only way I see Xbox coming out on top... they need to secure these big exclusive partnerships - proper exclusives, too, not timed ones.

naruga186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Capcom and Square Enix are the most possible candidates ....i doubt about FromSoft ....If MS manages to steal a total exclusive deal for the next Monster Hunter game and REvil (temporary doest count as most people and japanese will wait ) then has some hopes (and sales) to pit theirselves against PS ...the same goes for Square Enix

But the scenario is very unlikely ....even when X360 was at its peak , Japanese devs have regretted their choice to release exclusive for Xbox and most of them later released their games for PS3 also

Ashlen186d ago

Why would Capcom EVER make a Monster Hunter game exclusive for Xbox when only 12% of all of MHW's sales were on Xbox? Why would they exclude 90% of the people who made MHW the success that it is?

And if MHW which has already sold 7.5+ million why would Microsoft pay the HUGE sum of money to keep it off PS4?

If the next MH game is exclusive to anything it's FAR more likely to be PS4 exclusive than any of the other consoles.

kevnb186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Far more likely than switch? I don’t think I agree with that, Capcom knows a new monster hunter game for switch will sell.

indyman7777185d ago

Okay time to take my big foot off of Microsoft's neck! If Microsoft announces a game like Blue dragon or Lost oddyssey and to be clear it is not just another hack and slash I will trade in my xbox one forza edition for a Xbox one X!

Lennoxb63186d ago

“It'd be a big shock if Microsoft managed to partner with a developer Sony had traditionally been in bed with.”

They already have. Insomniac

The Wood186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

That was a shock. . . Lol

probably won't happen again judging by the sell though. . The project was a good one. In regards to Japanese devs. . . That'll be trickier

oasdada186d ago

i dont understand this shit this absolutely baffles me that one would want MS to throw money at a publisher to make a game hostage to their console which would have come to all consoles anyways besides asking MS to open new studios and offer creative freedom to make their own games.. look at sony and their exclusives.. only a few studios can rival their games and their exclusives are above and beyond other games in the market.. and no blood borne and demon souls would not have come to other consoles because they were co developed by sony japan studios

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DigitalRaptor186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

- Unless it's an old franchise like Panzer Dragoon, SEGA is likely smarter than that.
- Capcom is a possibility, and Dead Rising 5 is probably already on the cards as a timed-exclusive.
- FromSoftware already have 3 projects in the works, and none of them are in early enough stages where MS could swoop in.
- Atlus is definitely smarter than that.
- Square Enix is a possibility... they seemed to like Microsoft's money over Timed Raider.

Chevalier186d ago

Why the heck did they list Sega and Atlus separately when Sega owns Atlus?!

super_cuddles186d ago

Didn't know that! Interesting

rainslacker185d ago

Atlus runs autonomously from Sega. Although I assume Sega still has influence.

Ashlen186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I have a better title "5 Japanese developers who already have games on PS4 that Xbox owners should buy on PS4 and play"

Whats the deal with making these articles about getting games that are already on the PS4. Some of the games on this list have been exclusive for years. If someone wants to play these games just buy a PS4 and play them.

It's sad the way Xbox has devolved, first it was lets get exclusives then it was multi-platform games are what is most important now it's become let's get old PS4 exclusives on Xbox.

FinalFantasyFanatic186d ago

At this point, why would anyone persist with Xbox if they really want these games? There's a low chance of getting them on Xbox so you might as well just get a PS4 instead (you'd almost have the Xbox's entire catalog on it anyway).

Ashlen186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I doubt there is any genuine interest in buying these games. It seems to me it's just about people being able to say "xbox has Japanese games" and taking away the exclusivity of them on PS4.

Even if these games came to xbox it would be with very little fanfare and sales of years old games would be extremely low. I imagine that most everyone who actually wanted to play these games already has them on PS4 or in some cases on PC.

Even when you look at these lists it's just all the big games the reality is that PS4 has tons of other smaller more less known games that will never be on xbox. And that of those games the ones that do become more then they are expected like Nier will still be on PS4 before xbox as companies aren't going to take the chance of porting risky games to xbox.

Getting PS4's leftovers isn't going to help xbox change the tide, and the whole idea that these games "need" to come to xbox is flawed.

zerocarnage186d ago

Did you ever think its not anyone with an Xbox creating these threads or the majority of them. You people really do love putting blame where there is none or making sure that no one who owns a PlayStation would ever do something to drive hate towards Xbox, we all know that on this site there is a real pro Sony crowd who believe Sony can't put a foot wrong and think Microsoft are a devil. They are the kind of crowd that when truth hits them then they create lies around that truth and bend it in so many ways that alot of people actually believe it. The kind that when sony do something wrong will then divert blame else where and the type of people that whenever something positive comes out about another developer they go to lengths on this site to trash it all and all to keep there beloved Sony looking like roses come out of there ass..


Truer words have never been spoken.

ShadowWolf712186d ago

lmao the victim complex is real

you actually feel personally attacked over people holding a crappy company accountable, that's so funny

Ashlen185d ago

Please let me refer you back to 2006-12 N4G where PS3 had no games and Sony was going to go out of business according to the people/articles on this ironically EXACT SAME SITE.

Z501185d ago

Ashlen gets it.
You must be new to n4g. Welcome.

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rainslacker185d ago

If anything, MS should just pay for the port of popular games that don't make it to Xbox in the first place, and not worry about getting them exclusive. Getting them exclusive isn't going to sway a significant number of people over to their system, but it may keep people from leaving the system if they start seeing interest in those games.

For the time being, it's more a matter of MS trying to stop people from leaving to prevent attrition of it's userbase over time. Once they manage that, they can work on getting in new users by making compelling content that will attract new customers. The Otaku gamer isn't likely to bother with Xbox either way, because MS has a long track record of terrible support for their taste in games.

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