China Is Now The #1 PC Gaming Market, Expected To Grow By 16% By 2022

There’s no surprise in hearing the fact that China tops the population charts globally. Amassed by over 1.3B people, China has pretty much expanded into every industry you could think of.

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AnubisG186d ago

No surprise there. China is outpacing every country in this planet in every are possible. All the factories of this planet are there. They make everything. We put an enormus power in their hands.

2pacalypsenow186d ago

Yeah it's kind of hard to compete with a country that treats workers like guinea pigs.

That would never work here in the scale that it does in China.

kevnb186d ago

In the last few decades the Chinese population has become drastically better off financially.

gangsta_red186d ago

Hmmmm...could be why MS/Xbox sudden push for PC. It's just like the western movie industry catering to the Chinese market.

kevnb186d ago

Microsoft usually pushes the pc for gaming, there was only a short period of time where they didn't but then iOS and android showed them how important it is to the platform. They could certainly do more, but maintaining direct x is no small thing.

Hungryalpaca186d ago

MS hasn’t ever pushed for PC gaming what are you talking about? It’s always been bare minimum support and forced crap like GFWL and MS store.