'Boy' was Atreus tricky to implement, says God of War director

Cory Barlog, the director of Santa Monica Studio’s raucously-acclaimed reboot, who describes Atreus as one of the game’s most controversial features - to the point where his harrowed producers kept pestering him to rethink his ambitious conception of the character, up to and including canning the youngster entirely.

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-Foxtrot213d ago

I didn't think I'd like him but he was alright and not as bad as I thought

It's very hard to write children in these kind of things whether it's films, TV or like this a video game. They usually spoil whatever they are in.

Kribwalker213d ago

me too. i was worried we’d be babysitting him and having to continuously revive or do escort missions so i’m happy he’s been a lot more useful.

Septic212d ago

I didn't like the kid as a character but damn was he useful in combat.

Bathyj212d ago

I actually liked him more as a character than as a combat ally. But each to their own.

I think he was brilliantly implemented. The best example of accompanying Ai I've ever seen. His behavior, character development, dialogue. The fact there's never a camera cut helps the back and forth so much too.

Kribwalker212d ago


i agree it was a really well implemented AI companion. I don’t think i could see how the game would work without him, especially when they were trying to get rid of him late in the design. Good job Cory sticking to your guns on this one

mikeslemonade212d ago

seems pretty easy to me. All I have to press is square or hold square.

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gangsta_red213d ago

Agreed, and they usually use the same cliche'd tropes for every adult themed game/show that uses children. Which they somewhat did for the new GoW.

But it was good that he was added to variy up the gameplay.

All in all I'm also glad he wasn't useless and only used in the game to save enemies from every confrontation.

UCForce212d ago

Sure, Father and Son is nothing new. But what the relationship between Kratos and Atreus are something worth to remember and I really like how SSM tell the lore of Norse Mythology.

TheKingKratos212d ago

Same as you i was not sure about him but BOI was i wrong his amazing gameplay and character wise
All in all my favorite game this gen and top 5 of all time for me

Christopher212d ago

There were moments I hated him, moments I understood him, and then moments I liked him.

AspiringProGenji212d ago

Same here! That’s what I would called a well made character

StormSnooper212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Lol “whatever” I just got what you meant. :D

At first I was like why is he being rude. Then I got it.

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CyrusLemont212d ago

Before I miss the chance to inform, Atreus’ change in behaviour during that “sequence” was the work of Odin! Everyone keeps going on about how they didn’t like his sudden shift but he was being manipulated through Vanir magic. The storm in the sky during that part was supposed to be indicative of Odin’s presence and interference to their journey.

I can’t find the source for where I originally read that Odin would be in the game under the guise of a storm, but it’s definitely out there on the web somewhere.

Sciurus_vulgaris212d ago

I like your theory. Odin is certainly watching Kratos and Atreus’ s journey via his ravens. I however, think the game setup two other charctersc as the main villains/antagonist for the next GoW.

Eonjay212d ago

One is pretty much a given the true end. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they beat him. Also Given how the final battle played out I think we can nail another candidate.

Sciurus_vulgaris212d ago


Since the game is following Norse Mythology, I believe we will have a little help from a friend when it comes to taking down at least one of the strongly implied villains. I am personally most interested in seeing how "The Boy" develops as a character in the next game due to the nature of his mythological counterpart.

AspiringProGenji212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Another risk that payed off.

God of Risks

ClayRules2012212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Risks can bring about amazing gaming experiences.

Naughty Dog - The Last of Us.
Guerrilla Games - Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Sony Santa Monica - God of War PS4 (which offers a new/fresh take on the series)

UCForce212d ago

I happy that I stick with PS since i bought PS1. I will never forget about this.

StormSnooper212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I wanted to stand up and applaud the game when I finished it. So I agree.

TheOttomatic91212d ago

He's relationship with Kratos both gameplay and story wise is the best part of the game.

ClayRules2012212d ago

Yeah, the conversations between Kratos & Atreus, be it in the cinematic story moments (with that one shot camera view or on the boat just wandering around, while Kratos tries to tell Atreus stories (which had me laughing) were all so entertaining & really bring another level of depth & just add more to the story & moments.

Especially with Mimir there. He’s a real hoot!

TheOttomatic91212d ago

Agreed the trio banter and play off each other so well.

Vanfernal212d ago

I don't understand them title of this article... Is it supposed to be a pun? Because if it isn't then it's nonsensical...

Goldby212d ago

Atreus is referred to as Boy over 1200 times in the game

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