People Should Stop Comparing Hard Games to Dark Souls

Dark Souls has inadvertently created a false standard that a lot of gamers seem to follow. A lot of games that show even a modicum of frustration that also shares any slight similarity to Dark Souls’ mechanics or POV is immediately called a clone or “a Dark Souls with X”.

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RainbowBrite189d ago

iiiiiigh that's because Dark Souls has been so influential. Tap tap. I mean Demon Souls and the first DkS just shocked the entire industry. Of course nobody really thinks that they are harder than something made in the old days; but the fact remains: Dks is a modern game and still didn't hold your hand. It kind of changed the philosophy of the entire industry. Brrrr, yup

KOIMOJO189d ago

I swear I see more articles and comments saying people need to stop comparing games to dark souls than I see people actually comparing unwarranted games to dark souls. most of the time people are still getting mad when you explain mechanics as being souls like like in the new God of War. Dark souls style combat is just the best way for me to describe a lock on/strafe methodical melee action game. I understand people rolling their eyes at meatboy being the dark souls of 2d platformers or something dumb like that, but sometimes the comparison is fitting and people still get mad.

Movefasta1993189d ago

I always thought the ninja gaiden series was dark souls before dark souls. Ninja gaiden black and vanilla ninja gaiden 2 are HARD on normal diff but learn the mechanics long enough and you'll be a beast at the game.

KTF26189d ago

if it's about the difficulty then Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 are more difficult
but it's completely different experience

on_line_forever189d ago

Dark souls brings to me the passion I really need to continue and love playing games and i really look forward to any new souls game

Thank you from softeware
Thank you mayzaki

KOIMOJO189d ago

I'm with you. Up until dark souls 3 they were constantly letting us know what they were working on even sometimes before the previous game released. This last bit of silence since dark souls 3 is pretty strange for them especially is they have 2 or 3 games in development like i've heard. It's like the calm before the storm, can't wait for e3 man!

Kabaneri189d ago

Bloodborne is still my favorite game this generation.

kevnb189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Here's a good book about what makes a game fun, there are different ways of accomplishing it but one is to make the game challenging but reward players for knowing how to play well (im not really articulating the best, read the book).

Failcube189d ago

People should stop trying to tell people to stop comparing things. That's what comparisons are for.

CorndogBurglar189d ago

Some comparisons just don't make any sense though....

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The story is too old to be commented.