The Best Game on the PS Vita Is a PC Port

Gadgets 360 says: "Unlike most visual novels, you’re not trapped in stressful scenarios as we’ve seen in the Danganronpa and Steins;Gate games. This makes coming back to VA-11 HALL-A a calming affair. It uses predictability and routine to usher in a tranquil experience that few can match."

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Spikeantestor184d ago

The best game on the Vita is a PS2 port; Persona 4 Golden.

Teflon02183d ago

You're right bout best game and origin, but I wouldnt really call it a port. Alot was changed, I'd probably just call it a remastered extended version or something lol

Protagonist182d ago

Not a port, you can not play P4: Golden on the PS2. It was not just some add-ons, it is not the same game.

nodim183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

And the award for the most braindead headline goes to... Well, these guys of course.