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The second expansion for Destiny 2 is now completely live, but what incentive does it offer to get back into the game?

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AnubisG218d ago

The laziness and greed of Bungie is on full display in this DLC.

InTheZoneAC218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Not really. If you said that about CoO I'd agree. Btw right now the state of weapons and the amount of viable weapons for pve and PvP is at an all time high even compared to D1. Because of all the backlash they're doing more to make it more fun and the gunplay is doing excellent.

I know this is about the dlc and I'm enjoying this compared to the pos from CoO, but the weapon changes last month and this month has what made me keep playing.

I would rate D2 a 5/10 or 6/10 based on what we should've had, CoO a 5/10 because again it should've been more, but warmind is a solid 8/10

Hungryalpaca218d ago

I hope you realize you just made a case for people not to buy the game lol.

InTheZoneAC218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

For clarification I enjoy D2. My initial rating was low due to what we should've had, but we're past that point. Warmind and D2 right now is in a good state if you decide to do most of what it offers. I don't see myself quitting this anytime soon, unlike Destiny 1 where I was taking month breaks after just one month then taking 5-6 month breaks until the next big dlc.

maybelovehate218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this review seems lazy. Two new strikes, a huge new area to explore on Mars, a new raid lair, multiple collectibles, 5 story missions, 5 adventures and other exotic quest lines some of which haven't even been discovered. I already have over 20 hours into the DLC. I have found 18 of 45 data fragments. Gotten to level 4 of 7 in escalation protocol and haven't beaten the Raid Boss. I am rank 3 or 5 in Quickplay with 0 resets and rank 1 in Competitive with 0 resets. So basically I am just getting started.

Saying we have done and seen everything in a few hours is a bit crazy sounding. I don't expect to beat the escalation protocol for probably at least another week and same with the Raid, not to mention there is a new boss each week for 5 weeks.

Name me another fps with dlc that has that much content?

Hungryalpaca218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Every review is saying the same thing. Just like you. It’s “lazy”. It’s not the reviews that are lazy. It’s bungie.

No one cares how much content there is if the content given is lacklustre. You could release a 10000000 hour game but if it’s the same repetitive no reward style game that d2 is then who cares. Not one of my friends has played D2 since month 3. Meanwhile my group and I played all D1 dlcs. It’s the same crap over and over. Got duped once.

maybelovehate218d ago

Lacklustre? Have you seen the environments in Destiny? The mars area is beautiful. And besides the beautiful graphics it is also extremely well designed. I get the complaints about the story, those are valid. But to call the level design in this expansion lackluster is mind boggling.

cell989218d ago

Those strikes are recycled campaign missions -__-

maybelovehate218d ago

No, those missions are strikes modified for single players. Because "we" asked for it. Strikes were always a part of the story in the Destiny DLC, just in Destiny 2 they went through the effort to make them more part of the story because a lot of people asked for it. In the past we would get to a certain point of the campaign and they would make us join match making and do a strike. It felt jarring and out of place in the story to randomly join matchmaking to do a strike. So bungie fixed it. The new strikes are awesome. And playing them as story missions was also fun.

Hungryalpaca218d ago

So I say the game is lack lustre and you respond with

It’s pretty


maybelovehate218d ago

No, I responded explaining it was extremely polished with awesome level design. But reading might not be your thing.

InTheZoneAC218d ago

Your response is typical of a leftist. You said what you said and admitted to trolling because you failed to acknowledge his reasoning. Apparently anyone who disagrees with your comment is wrong and you don't even care how valid the argument was.

hulk_bash1987218d ago

5 story missions is not something to brag about. And 2/3 recycled strikes isn't acceptable when you only have that many story missions. This DLC was better than CoO but that's a really low bar to clear.

maybelovehate218d ago

What other FPS DLC had more Story Missions? The Season Pass was 30 dollars so you are talking about 15 dollars here. We got a ton of content for that price. Even at the full 20 dollars you are looking at a lot of content. You could remove all the story missions and the story and it would still be a good value for the endgame content.

hulk_bash1987218d ago

There's one recent release for you. And if were talking about games in general, not specifically FPS games, Assasins Creed Origins, MHW and even Warframe are DLC models that outdo D2. And those last two are free updates.

maybelovehate218d ago

If Far Cry had any meaningful end game I could maybe see your argument. But it doesn't. I already have about as much playtime in this 15 dollar Destiny dlc than Far Cry 5 offers as a whole.

hulk_bash1987218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

D2 has no meaningful end game imo. Raid Lairs are a band aid for an actual new raid. And pvp/trials isn't fun to me anymore.

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alexg587218d ago

If y'all want to feel rewarded your grind go play warframe😁

maybelovehate218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

I do love Warframe, but there is nothing in Warframe gameplay wise that matches any of Destiny's Raids. I would suggest to play both of them. Destiny isn't meant to be played as a career, and Warframe doesn't offer as polished as experiences.

gangsta_red218d ago

Agreed on the polish part of Warframe. They've had multiple updates and the UI is still a complete mess in that game.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

It is amazing how bad bungie has bungled the Destiny franchise, so much wasted potential. WTF is going on with Bungie?

InTheZoneAC218d ago

What's your level in destiny?

2ndhandcorn218d ago

Glad they left Halo tried Destiny and found no joy but had a blast online in Halo 5 .