Fallout 5: 5 Potential Locations

Fallout 5’s location will be paramount to it’s success.  We’ve found five cities that we think could create incredible post-apocalyptic maps to explore.

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jcblade214d ago

Fallout: New London anyone? No? K.

Profchaos214d ago

Fallout new York would be excellent to see

gigoran214d ago

International? For some reason everyone wants japan to be a location in franchise games.

Fallout is the USA. End of conversation

paintedgamer1984214d ago

Land of undead baddies please. Or something super crazy in outer space.

zerocarnage214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Fallout Britain or fallout UK I would love to see especially if it was all to scale which could be a massive project, could even be an mmo like they did there elder scrolls and is about time fallout was more than just a single player experience in my eyes. I would have so much fun with an mmo fallout, especially if clans were on the game in an apocalyptic world and fallout was always that type of game to be more than just a single player.

Britain has some wondrous monument and structures that if an apocalyptic world setting was put over London or Britain that the gangs which could say take over Buckingham palace, the tower of London, parliament, big Ben, London bridge and the Thames river could provide brilliant scenery and fights. The surrounding streets of London could provides lots of great encampment places for town surviving the apocalypse blast but I feel if they went further and got Britain whole map in place although would be alot of work, could provide some serious exploration especially if they added the ability to build vehicles and gave it a mad max feel as well because Britain does have lots of very long motorways that could provide some crazy chases. The beauty I think if they did Britain as a whole would be exploring the beaches then moving inland to see the countryside and seeing all new mutant variations on the way, completely different to other fallouts.

I know a game like fallout Britain wouldn't be done for a long time it would require a ton of work for a map that size but like i said would be great for mmo size. London map however is possible and I would be happy for that and having been to London I can definitely see it working brilliantly..

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