Ranking the Resident Evil Games from Worst to Best

Gary Bailey: "From playing the PlayStation original at 6am on Christmas morning back in 1996 and crapping my pants when the dog jumped through the window, to finishing Resident Evil 7’s final DLC earlier this year, the series remains close to my heart."

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super_cuddles38d ago

Resi 4 all day, then 3, 5 and 6

bouzebbal38d ago

RE4 is the worst for me, at same level as 5 and 6.
nostalgia talking, i give you that.
the original ones up to Code: Veronica were a God send!

Kosic38d ago

Completely agree. Re4 is over hyped and is what the late bloomers pick as their best RE title.

2 was the best due to the 2 cd set up (scenario A and B) that was unheard of in the 90s.

3 was alright. 1 was meh and the remakes for 1 was just as bad.
4 is ok, 5 and 6 are crap, the revelation series are poor as well. Though 7 was a good contender.

bouzebbal38d ago


RE is the series most players will disagree upon.
action fans will prefer RE4-5-6.
i am just speaking of nostalgia. RE was the first thing i ever play with puzzles and really heavy exploration for that time.
RE1 is and will always be my all time favorite.
I agree regarding RE2, Leon and Claire scenarios was a brilliant idea.

Spikeantestor38d ago

I also didn't enjoy 4. My top 2 are just the 1st game and Code Veronica.

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )


One and 2 were amazing for their time.

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naruga37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

RE 1 the original on PSX is the best Resident ever made ...all others imo start the downfall ...though in 2 and 3 the changes are not so obvious and are very well made games close enough to the original (outbreak 1-2 are also in same league) .....Remake ,0 Code veronica come third in ranking , RE4-5-6 take the 4th place and far far far far to the bottom 7 that should not be called REsident .....that is the real ranking of Resident Evils everything else is just clueless nostalgia sentiments about the series

PS (basically Revelations 1-2 and 7 are completly garbages .....trash in every meaning)

OnDec7637d ago

Six, are you crazy, that games sucks cheese balls

-Foxtrot38d ago

Resident Evil 7 above Resident Evil 4, 3, Code Veronica and even Resident Evil 0 which is last

F*** off with that crap

GamesMaster198238d ago

It's called opinions and everyone does not have to have the same as your's. I actually agree that 7 is better than 4 as a Resident Evil game. After the great village of 4 it became just another Michael Bay all out action game like 5 and 6.

PhantomS4238d ago

Pretty much agree but my top 5 would be different. 7 (at number 1), 4, Revelations 2, 2, then 1. 1 really shows it's age with both the PS1 and the REmake but the terrible voice acting makes it so fun to replay just to hear the lines over, also overall the story isn't too bad and a lot of set pieces and bosses are fun. 2 introduced Leon who is still my favorite character in the series.

Shuckylad38d ago

My top 3. 1 on psx, C.V. on dreamcast, 4 on gamecube,

Xack38d ago

2, 4, 1, 0, Code Veronica, 7, 3, Rev 2, Rev, 6, 5

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