Nvidia GTX 1170 preliminary specs and performance leaked

Priliminary specifications and performance stats of Nividia’s latest high-end graphics card, GeForce GTX 1170, based on the Turing 12nm process technology has been leaked. The GTX 1170 is set for a launch later this year.

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ABizzel1217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

And this is why PS5 should wait until 2020. This GPU is at the peak performance level of what the PS5 should offer and it's selling for a rumored $400 - $500. That cannot be had in a PS5 and still produce $400 console in 2019, even $500 is a stretch.

The PS5 should be on par with a Vega 64, but 7nm and with a significantly lower TDP. That kind of performance won't reach the mid-range and appropriate pricing until 2020, and even then it's still likely to be a $499 console when backed by a Ryzen 2 low-end APU (still significantly better than the current CPUs), and at least 12GB of GDDR6 if not HBM2.

Remember PS4 and XBO launched with $150 and $110 desktop GPU equivalents.

Movefasta1993217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

im not worried about the gpu, I just want the next gen consoles to have stronger cpus this time. We need more intractability in games and more complex ai.

vladstad217d ago

the thing is that even if you have a good cpu for complex ai it will take a long time to make good ais that can use that horse power. look at god of war they worked on the game 5 years and the developers were telling the producer that they should scrap the son because the ai needed was too complex to make.

ABizzel1217d ago

I'd be shocked if the CPU wasn't from the Ryzen architecture. Nothing else makes sense, especially with the fabrication node dropping to 7nm for Ryzen 2. Even a lower clocked low-end Ryzen CPU cores are more powerful per core than the FX 8300 series, which was still powerful enough to do up to 4k @ 60fps with the appropriate GPU, and in a console the FX 8300 can eliminate many of those bottlenecks, so a Ryzen whether based on first or second gen will be a huge upgrade for console CPUs, which will be the greatest upgrade of the next consoles.

The GPU performance won't be a big of a jump as we're use. We're looking at a 6x boost at best, unless AMD and NVIDIA magically skyrocket performance and find the kindness in their hearts to cut price of GPUs in half.

mikeslemonade216d ago

This gpu is still too weak for ps5. It’s not good enough for 4k and 60 frames. Especially for next gen games with 4k graphics. We’re only in 1080p graphics still for the most part.

ABizzel1216d ago (Edited 216d ago )


You can give up on the 4K @ 60fps everything dream. For one it's always a developer decision, and there's no GPU available now that offers a perfect 4k @ 60fps, and it most certainly won't be able to offer that resolution and framerate while trying to noticeably improve graphics in AAA games.

Games like Uncharted / GOW / and Open World games will aim for 4K @ 30fps. Games like Battlefield will more than likely aim for Dynamic 4K @ 60fps. Less talented developers will aim for Dynamic 4K @ 30fps.

Dynamic resolution is here to stay, and a significantly better than aiming for 4K Native, because those savings gained from not focusing on resolution can be put into stable FPS (which is much more important), and making things like textures, lighting, and character models look better.

When it comes to hardware the focus should be:

Stable FPS > Pretty graphics > 4K resolution (since 1800p is good enough)

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2pacalypsenow217d ago

Consoles are not trying to compete with Pc's (they cant) because PC are always being upgraded.

Console games are much better optimized than PC games, so they can do more with less.

ONESHOTV2217d ago

"Console games are much better optimized than PC games, so they can do more with less." do you have facts to back up that statement ???

2pacalypsenow217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Yeah, just look at the games lol.

PC developers have to cater to thousands of hardware configurations, for consoles its only 2.

This has been known for years lol, just look at The Last of us and Killzone 3 running on 2005 hardware.

nowitzki2004217d ago

Are you sure about that or just talking out your ass? I have no problems with games. Name a game besides Arkham Knight

ONESHOTV2217d ago

"Yeah, just look at the games lol." name those games and I'm sure 99.9% of third-party games released on both platform PC performs better than the console version that's just facts and I'm waiting on those unoptimized games you are talking about I will create my list of games that ran like garbage on console while I'm at it

2pacalypsenow217d ago

Everyone knows majority of pc games are optimised like ass.

ONESHOTV2216d ago

":Everyone knows the majority of pc games are optimized like ass." plz don't act childish I said you should name those games you are talking about while I will do the same for the console isn't that a fair deal?

meatnormous216d ago

Nier automata needs far to play well on pc.

Braindeadninja216d ago

Quantum break runs poorly on pc

iNcRiMiNaTi216d ago

PUBG is my biggest problem right now. I have an 8700k and a 1080ti and the new map dropped down to 30-45fps. Even the normal maps are running around 80-100fps right now at 1440p. As someone else stated quantum break runs like buttcheeks. AC Origins dips down to the 65fps mark and generally hovers between 80-100fps in large cities. Battlefield 1 has issues where it drops down under 60fps sometimes in heavy scenarios and Battlefront 2 drops to horrible levels sometimes

starchild216d ago

Completely untrue. The majority of games run well on PC. Even the minority of games with optimization issues still run much better on a decent PC than they do on consoles.

ocelot07216d ago


Yes actually look at say Battlefield 1 runs at 900p and aims for 60fps on PS4 (standard). This is on old hardware. Now go and try playing Battlefield 1 at 900p on a underclocked FX 8120 and HD 7770 and let me know the results.

Or with Titanfall 2 or Call Of Duty Ghost or something like that.

2pacalypsenow216d ago

I think the majority of you people don't know what optimization means...

narsaku216d ago

Run any typical 3rd party game at competing hardware and settings.

Guess what you'll find? Margin of error ballpark same performance.

You. Don't. Know. What. You're. Talking. About.

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216d ago
narsaku216d ago

Ladies and gentlemen. The PS5 PRO.