NES Classic Edition Back in Stock June 29th

As promised, Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition after a brief discontinuation period. The mini-console will be available at stores beginning June 29th, the company announced on Twitter.

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strayanalog214d ago

And with Nintendo saying they expect the Classic to last through the year definitely makes this news better knowing they didn't make only ten again.

NecrumOddBoy214d ago

I would love to get one. Fingers crossed for more than a few.

strayanalog214d ago

Definitely. I legitimately believe we have a better shot this time. And if for some crazy reason I don't, well.. I'm beating up the first person I think I can take.

yellowgerbil214d ago

The snes is in ample supply now, my Walmart has like 6 just laying there, the demand has died and now real gamers can pick them up easily without scalpers trying to charge us 300

fonger08214d ago

Given that I often see the SNES classic, I now have some optimism that I’ll get my hands on one of these.

T1125P214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Nintendo should just produce the NES and SNES classic for years or until the demand is at all time low then stop making them. What a dumb ass move to stop something that was flying off the shelves. I swear Nintendo has sometimes shit in their head instead of an actual brain haha. I would just buy this and the SNES to put on my shelf, being as I already use a Raspberry Pi 3, no need to play with this :D

Theknightofnights214d ago

It saves you money and resources by ensuring all products will sell out quickly. By waiting until demand is at an incredibly low stop production you are guaranteeing that some units will remain on store shelves for a long period of time. Which is something Nintendo doesn't like doing.

ApexWolf22214d ago

It's about F'n time, but it'll likely still be a struggle to readily buy one for months...

Apex13214d ago

:-) got to catch them all.

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The story is too old to be commented.