What RockSteady's Superman Game Needs To Do

Recent rumors have suggested that Rocksteady is working on an open-world Superman game. We take a deep dive into why, or why not, Rocksteady's Superman might work, & how they can learn from their own Batman: Arkham trilogy of games.

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yellowgerbil38d ago

It needs rings, lots of them. Online race through rings.

OtterX36d ago

Haha. Oh man, I still remember having some buddies over for a game night in high school. We went to Blockbuster... "Oh man, Superman!". Got home, "WTF is this?" Some of us laughed hysterically. Some just blank stared. My one friend Shane was determined to get all those damn rings. We left him there with the game.

Minute Man 72136d ago

@ Otter X
Blame WB for meddling with game development

UltraNova36d ago

Back then I, early teenage age, I couldn't afford more than one game per 3-4 m months! I saw Superman 64 on the shelf and bought it without hesitation. I tried. I really tried to play it. What else could I do? Put another 500 hrs in Mario 64 amd B&K? I tried! It was the worst game I've ever played...How could you do this to me Nintendo at that young tender age? How could you approve that crap!!

TheLegend198535d ago

LOL!! what a brutal game and love the Blockbuster reference...R.I.P video game rental fridays and buttery popcorn

ApexWolf2236d ago

The more the better, it should be a Nintendo exclusive too so it can be on a cart only lol...

IAreBeMrLee36d ago

God Damn it. Beat me to it :')

DarXyde35d ago

This comment is why I'm losing sleep tonight.

Lovable35d ago

It's good for some saturday night with friends drunk game...Laughter, vomiting and over all fun for sure.

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PhoenixUp38d ago

It almost seems impossible to make a quality Superman game

darthv7236d ago

The 'man of steel' one on the og xbox is pretty good.

ApexWolf2236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I think the biggest hurdle is justifying who the enemies are and how they're causing any damage. I get the boss fights, but what about everything else in between? You can't seriously make every goon tote kryptonite....perhaps lex will block out the 🌞 lol

IamTylerDurden136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It won't be. A team of 200 creative people and a 50 million dollar budget over 4 years and you don't think the talent at Rocksteady can make a successful Superman game? Watch what they do.

UltraNova36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Rocksteady has proven themselves when it comes to Superhero games, apart from the recent blunder(delegating the latest Batman PC port to another company). So if they set out to do a Supes game I'm very confident they will make a great one. Provided of course WB stays the f*** out of their work.

rpvenom35d ago

I think, in order to make it successful based on the arkham series formula.. it would have to be similar traversal as arkham knight but with extra strength combat like spiderman (2018). The other issues though is not a lot of good villains like batman.. but nonetheless.. i loved the arkham games.. and spiderman looks amazing.. so if they're anything like those games.. i'm in.. here's to hoping..

AZRoboto35d ago

Has there been even a quality Superman movie?

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chrisx38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

just don't give us a Zack Snyder Superman Rocksteady. give us a hopeful and less aggressive supes

S2Killinit36d ago

Agreed. That zack snyder one was pure garbage imo

SenorFartCushion36d ago

The only engaging Superman? What else do we have but the other Superman who fight crime yet still constantly wear a smile - similar to The Joker?

Minute Man 72136d ago

The critics and loud minority online begs to differ

SenorFartCushion36d ago

Film is subjective.

I'm a writer (award winning), director, engineer and critic. And I likey the new Superman-y

AnubisG36d ago

What work of yours won awards if you don't mind me asking Señor.

zeuanimals35d ago

You're an award winning writer and you thought Zack's Superman was engaging? Well, if an award winning writer says so, how can I disagree?

OctaneLord35d ago

A critic at that. Because you know they always have the most solid opinions about media. There's no way the critic pool is filled with people who are oversaturated with entertainment products causing a general distaste in life. /s

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jhoward58537d ago

I hope RS add some original Superman tunes but now all. I'd hope RS add some of their own style n musical interpretation of the original Superman tracks.

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