God of War scores fourth consecutive No.1 in UK boxed charts

For the fourth consecutive week in a row, God of War is No.1 (despite a 30% dip in sales week-on-week).

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Nyxus131d ago

- Surpassed The Last of Us Remastered as the Sony-published PS4 game with the most consecutive No.1s
- Comfortably the second biggest new game released this year behind Far Cry 5

Gaming_1st131d ago

And far cry 5 was on multiple platforms....

Kumakai131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

im not trying to diminish god of war as i love it immensely and its sales figures are definitely impressive -epecially for being an exclusive, but fc5 has still sold more overall because it IS multiplatform (5 million copies in the first week alone vs 3.1 million for GOW). look it up... sony has lots of users but no matter how many it has, combining sales with xbox and pc is still more people no matter what. lets not make this a red herring meme.

KilluaX3131d ago

@Kumakai God of War sold 3.1 million in 3 days. That's less than 1 week.

Nyxus131d ago

@ Kumakai: as KilluaX3 said, the 3.1 million was for the first three days. I wouldn't be surprised if it did 5 million in its first week, or at least close to it.

bloop131d ago

Christ, I'd completely forgotten I bought FC5!! Haven't touched it since GOW came out 😂😂

Vizigoth04131d ago

It is true that multiplayer games sell well. I wouldn't ever discount that. But it's still worth accepting that some gamers like to take a break from those and finish a game like God of War or similar genre of game. Or part of that 3.1 million in 3 days are those only care for the genre. To assume that it's unsuccessful or not as good as multiplayer is not factual at all. I'm not say that's what you're saying here but it disserves it's success just as much as FarCry 5 and other Multiplat titles.

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Bahamut131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

And this is nothing. Wait until The Last of Us 2 comes out. That and Red Dead 2 (I know, multiplat, but the sales will be through the roof).

Nyxus131d ago

Spider-Man too seems like it could sell a lot of copies.

TheProblem131d ago

Nearly finished my second play through(god of war). Incredible game. Think i'll be going straight in for a third

rpvenom130d ago

I'm half way through my third playthrough.. first playthrough i tried to get as many things as possible.. second playthrough i did only the main quest.. third.. doing everything againnnn lol

notachance130d ago

fighting the valkyrie queen on hard is a lot of fun, currently making my way through God of War difficulty to face her again

TheProblem130d ago

I did everything on both first and second play through. I'm pretty sure I'll do everything again on the third. It's damn addictive.

I always play games many times over. I'm an single player only gamer

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Matrix6130d ago

@Kumakai, do you have figures on how many PC users there are? Because I'm sure there's well over 100million out there versus all 3 console platforms combined. So, what's the attachment rate for FC5 for ALL platforms? ;)

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SuperSaiyanGod41130d ago

Can't wait to see npd numbers. God of war deserves it. I bet it's up there at 5 million maybe even more.

343_Guilty_Spark131d ago

Sea of Thieves fell like a rock

DarkVoyager131d ago ShowReplies(2)
MasterCornholio131d ago

Of course it did especially after the critical reception that it received.

Kribwalker131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

lol. Meanwhile it finished 3rd in all of april, it’s 2nd month on the market, after the reception it received and last week was sitting at number 11, it’s 6th or 7th week on the charts, but yeah, total flop 🙄

Aura7541131d ago


Let me tell a good ol’ tale of Evolve. Within the first 3 months, Evolve sold at least 2.5 million copies. Take-Two were happy with the performance that they considered its launch “incredibly successful” and the game to be among the league of the publisher’s “permanent” franchises.

Sounds great, right? Except for the part that the player count absolutely tanked. Despite Turtle Rock’s attempts to revive consumer interest by making it FTP, they eventually stopped supporting the game.

Before you respond that I said Sea of Thieves will become like Evolve, no I’m not saying that. However, the point is that incredible initial success is not indicative of long-term success.

UCForce131d ago

@Kribwalker Well, SoT have gone down in every weeks. God of War still holding in week fourth.

cyber_daemonx130d ago

@krib, downplaying as usual. When was the last xbox game that could claim the same popularity as GoW. Its a looooong time ago if ever.

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Anyone else get the black bars on the side of their screen aftee the latest patch? I wanted to replay the story this morning but I couldn't find a fix to the issue.

InKnight7s131d ago

Go to setting then video change the of HDMI and size of screen to anything then unplug the HDMI, put it back then again go to settings put it all as it was or what is suitable to you. It worked for some.

AspiringProGenji131d ago

Ive noticed them since the other patch. Not big black bars but still. It seems there’s a aspect ratio bug or something

pody130d ago

"Heya. We’re aware of this & looking into it. Suggestion in meantime is to go to system display settings. Shrink. Confirm. Then go back into display settings & fit to appropriate size."


Thanks a bunch! Unfortunately that temporary fix didn't work for me.

pody130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Try and shrink it all the way down and confirm it, and then set the correct size. That's what I did. I think I was in the game as well if I'm not mistaken.

MarineLineman131d ago

The funny part is, I’ve seen people on sites like VGC claiming the sales were going to drop like a rock after that great first 3 days. I’m calling it: the game broke 5 million just after it’s first week and is probably closer to 7 million by now.