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Mikhail Madnani: "Cosmic Star Heroine is not only a fantastic old school experience but one that goes above and beyond with art and music and happens to be a perfect fit for the PS Vita"

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DeadManMMX219d ago

Game is great. I'm really enjoying it on my Vita. It still has some pretty weird bugs though. There's a room you can enter in the 4th chapter when your in the city. I guess it's supposed to be empty but once you enter it you can't exit it. At least I couldn't the first time i got stuck in the door way. The 2nd time I was able to enter the room and walk through the left wall but then when I walked through the door nothing happened. So I guess that particular room at that particular time was missing the trigger that transitions to the outside area do i had to force quit and reload my save. Still that was the only problem I've had so far. Battles are tense and a nice challenge. The game has a nice style.