10 Sequels That Could Make Sony’s E3 2018 the Best Conference Ever

COGconnected writes: For the PlayStation press conference to be a stellar success this year, these 10 Sony E3 2018 games will have to appear in some form or another. Here's our list of the sequels that could wow gamers.

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BeardedDrachen135d ago

Uncharted PSVR and Open-World Gran Turismo? No thanks.

I second the SOCOM title tho. PS hasn't had a dedicated exclusive shooter this gen since Killzone Shadow Fall and The Last of Us Remastered.

Eonjay135d ago

Lol they say these have to be shown otherwise the show is a fail... Why cant wr get decent writers to submit something thoughtful?

ClanPsi1134d ago

The industry requires real journalists for that, not these uneducated hacks.

Vizigoth04134d ago

I played a little bit of Moss and believe there is a long way developers can go with this concept. I don't mind witnessing as God watching characters cast spells and wield weapons in a traditional or action RPG in VR. Watch characters upgrade an wear their new armor sets.b developers just need to make great story based games and let us be the eye in the sky. It's what I would like to see anyway.

indyman7777134d ago

Remember how the crowd went bunkers when they saw Square announce FFVII remake? Well Sony can repeat it with legend of Dragoon 2! Or a new Arc the lad.

bouzebbal134d ago

I want a new Sly Racoon!!!
Sanzaru games, in case you are reading this...

Bathyj134d ago

I read a thoughtful article the other day on the secrets of God of War being hidden in plain sight. It's was ignored, had about 7 comments.

In other words trashy clickbait works. You guys can complain all you want but you all fall for it time and time again.

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Asuka135d ago

true, and Killzone Shadowfall felt more like a technical showcase for PS4 than anything else imo. Also i need MAG2 to be a thing please Sony xD

135d ago
Sevir134d ago

If they brought back MAG and infused a Battle Royal mode, it'd be something spectacular... With the scale of that multiplayer. Mag was something special when everything was working

bouzebbal134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

i agree.
the reveal was mindblowing and will be remembered.

multiplayer was not that great.. not compared to the previous episodes.

fathertime4464134d ago

Thought Sony fans didn't like sequels?

fathertime4464134d ago

Because ya'll are always bashing Nintendo and MS for having them. Kinda adds up to you not wanting them

ClanPsi1134d ago

@fathertime4464 People often bash XBox games because they're the exact same uninspired, boring game re-branded over and over, not because they're sequels.

r2oB134d ago

Nothing wrong with sequels. May be an issue if that's the only thing offered. That isn't an issue for Sony fans though.

xX-oldboy-Xx134d ago

fathertime4464 - sequels are bemoaned when they become an annual tradition or are favored over new ips.

Don't twist words, it doesn't reflect favorably in a good light.

Sunny_D134d ago

Incorrect, would we be playing Uncharted 4 if we didn’t? Sequels are great as long as they aren’t being milked out as a cash grab. If it looks like the series needs to end, then the fact a dev can say we are moving on is what we appreciate.

Stogz134d ago

Not one Sony fan has ever said they dont like sequels. Quit making nonsense up to prove some false points, what a stupid comment.

DVAcme134d ago

@fathertime4464 God of War 3 was 8 years ago. The Last of Us 2 was 5 years. Unchsrted 3 was 7. Yes, Sony makes sequels like any other gaming company. The difference is they take a LOT of time between them so not only do they not get stale, but a new sequel is an event. And between said sequels, Sony has released more new IPs than any other gaming company. The problem is not that Microsoft releases sequels, it's that they don't release anything BUT sequels and they release them so often that the franchises become stale.

InKnight7s134d ago

Persona 5
God of War 4
Uncharted LL
Yakuza 0,6
Infamous FL

We likes sequels and prequels for different games, not the same 3 games since even.

Bathyj134d ago

Well I admit I wouldn't want to see your dumb comment get a sequel.

bluefox755134d ago

Why would you think that?

ginsunuva134d ago

No we complain because the other platforms ONLY get sequels, while we get a healthy balance.

rainslacker134d ago


No sequel is planned, but I hear it's getting a port, a remaster, and getting an enhanced version via a certain consoles backwards compatibility.

fathertime4464134d ago

@ all of ya'll that replied
A sequel is a sequel no matter how you play it out to be. Other than its racers MS spreads out its sequels. Some are good and some are bad. However they do tweak the games.
I've played a few of songs exclusives and there's sequels, was the same game but upgraded. Part I dont understand is how you all can dis 2 companies for doing the same that your preferred one does.
As far as I can tell your all a bunch of hypocrites

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DarXyde134d ago

Did you seriously call The Last of Us Remastered a "dedicated exclusive shooter" and stick it in the same family as Killzone Shadow Fall?

I don't really see how or why you came up with that.

super_cuddles134d ago

You're just jealous of Forza horizon

generic-user-name134d ago

If you have psvr, Firewall Zero Hour looks very promising. Like a PS exclusive Siege, except with the immersion of VR and the aim controller.

Goldby134d ago

The only way i could ever see an open world GT working, is if they took all of the tracks, and made the world map out of them, but even then, it still wouldnt have the same feel as normal GT does

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-Foxtrot135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

If we get a new Ape Escape there's no way I want it to be VR

PlayStation All Stars 2? ONLY IF...they change their shitty system where you can only kill the other player with a "Super" attack. It came off like they did it to seperate themselves from Smash Bros but lets be honest comparisons are going to happen no matter what they do so just embrace it. Bring in a percentage system or even a health bar. Oh and actual Playstation mascots this time...not characters which were added to promote new games. Crash, Spyro, Original Lara Croft, Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Gabriel Logan, Croc, PaRappa, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Dart, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Cole, Nathan Drake, Kratos, Tomba, Spike, Chris Redfield and so on.

outsider1624135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Having played brawlhalla, it really is fun. Maybe they could follow something like that?
Oh and yes, I'd definitely want a SOCOM title please.

link2Dpast134d ago

It made no sense to me with them trying to make a game similar to smash brothers, I always thought they should’ve made it more similar to power stone. The 3/4 camera angle alone gives you a more dynamic map and options during battle

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RainbowBrite135d ago

Is Shenmue an exclusive or is it gonna be on the Nintendo thing too?

showtimefolks135d ago

shenmue 1-2 HD are coming to ps4,xbox one and pc(i think)

shenmue 3 is i think ps4 first than pc than who knows(sony is funding marketing completely and may even be chipping in somewhat development help wise. I do shenmue 3 coming to xbox one down the road switch i am not sure

DigitalRaptor135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Shenmue III has been a PS4/PC affair from the start. Its current console exclusivity status, stems from Yu Suzuki approaching Sony/MS/Nintendo, and Sony being the only one interested in the idea of supporting a sequel. Shenmue III being aligned with PS4 was the best opportunity for him and also being good friends with Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida contributed to making it happen. Sony frees up some space on their E3 stage and they come to an agreement to provide marketing budget for the game on PS4.

YS Net has entered a deal with Deep Silver to publish Shenmue III on PC/PS4 (the only known current platforms). It's being published globally by Deep Silver, but the development license for the game is still with Yu Suzuki, so there is no knowing.

Now, Shenmue I & II HD is directly from SEGA HQ, so they've decided to put it on PS4/XB1/PC but not the Switch, for now.

DillyDilly135d ago

Im pretty sure Sony already said they are focusing on 4 exclusives with some indies & a few third parties fyi it wont be a regular press conference

Eonjay135d ago

They said that is for their showcase but the level or writing we get around here is so damn poor and it's just accepted. Even if that was also for the conference, it would be better than what this article is pretending to propose.

bluefox755135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Yeah, but we're all just assuming that "no surprises" was the implication of that announcement. We can't be sure that is true.


I'm holding out for a PS Vita 2 announcement. I don't believe that Sony would just "give up" the handheld market to Nintendo.

Liqu1d135d ago

@LOGIC They already said no hardware announcements.

MasterCornholio135d ago

It could be a red herring for something else. Anyways just a little longer till E3.

OB1Biker135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

If you believe some game journalists reports (like GI) there would not be any press conference at all. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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