E3 2018 is 'Squeaky Bum Time' for Xbox One as an Alternative to PS4

Half the lifetime sales of PS4, behind Switch every month in sales - Xbox One is circling the drain and E3 2018 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share.

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corroios193d ago

E3 2018 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share.
E3 2017 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share
E3 2016 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share.

That ship already sailed....

AspiringProGenji193d ago ShowReplies(9)
Father__Merrin193d ago

Just wait till E3 2014..
Just wait till E3 2015..
Just wait till E3 2016..
Just wait till E3 2017..
Just wait till E3 2018..
They keep telling them self's that, PS4 owners have been enjoying great gaming whilst the have been waiting all this time. I can't understand what the hell they are waiting for? Why can't they just switch over what are they waiting for

81BX193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

That's weird because I've been playing a crap load of games on my Xbox. Granted ps4 has had the better single player games this gen. Grow up and stop acting like kid

Aquacure192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

"What the hell are you waiting for?
Look what you made me do, look what I made for you
Knew if I paid my dues, how will they pay you
When you first come in the game, they try to play you
Then you drop hit after hit, look how they wave to you
From Best Buy to Toys 'R' Us kids
The only thing that matters in just a matter of years....."

zerocarnage192d ago

You Sony fanboys who keep making such ridiculous comments that Xbox doesn't have any games really need your heads testing. Honestly I don't know who is more thick, you lot who keep saying that or a bunch of zombies which want brain's. Sure zombies don't exist, neither does that bull crap that keeps shooting from your butts, i mean mouths...

You lot do need to do some growing up though, people know that when you say there are no games on Xbox that it's a very eggy wind coming from your directions.

Wouldn't it be ace if Microsoft do manage to shut you lot up this e3 anything is possible just like next gen it could be a very different story for all the competition in the industry.

I can say this because I'm not a fanboy that I wish them all look and that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have done wonders this gen and there has not been any losers and I do love how you think there are. Sony are not invincible like some of you idiots Think, they too will have a time when they drop the ball, the thing is as soon as they do watch how most of you bail on them and go for the competition, and you will because it's what you fanboys do when what you own has gone down hill you turn traitor for the other side.

remixx116192d ago (Edited 192d ago )


Yo i peep them classic jay z bars, what was that encore-black album?

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PapaBop193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Yup, people come up with articles like this because of Microsoft's history of caring about their Xbox brand and flexing their financial muscle to prove it. Now it just seems that they don't really care, they obviously understand the importance of it because the Xbox brand is still a fairly big deal in a few countries but ultimately they've seemingly accepted their place in the console war/sales stuff and don't seem overly fussed about it either.

Still credit where it's due to the article, sneaking in a Fergie reference deserves a lot of praise and Squeaky Bum Time is such a great saying too.

Aquacure191d ago

@remixx116 Close. The song where those lyrics were from was featured on The Black Album (Encore) but Jay's next album was a collabo with Linkin Park called Collision Course and Encore was mashed with LP's "Numb" to create "Numb/Encore". It's pretty sick. :D

DivineAssault 193d ago

multiplats and 1 or 2 games...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen193d ago

Don't forget "Console Launch Exclusives."

ArchangelMike193d ago

Yeah, those console launch exclusives didn't work for them.

OffRoadKing193d ago

Its all about "engagement" now.

MarineLineman193d ago

With the loudspeaker voice conveniently only using the word “exclusive” lol

rainslacker193d ago

It's rather funny outside of a few of those exclusive titles, no one is actually talking about what they showed. SoT, CD3, SoD2, and occasionally Ori2 is about all that still gets attention. You know you lost E3 when almost no one remembers most of the games you showed. That's why most companies just put most of the titles that MS showed into sizzle reels.

Shubhendu_Singh193d ago

At this point I can't read "Console Launch Exclusive" without that Xbox E3's announcers deep voice in my head. After a while it got on my nerve.

cigi192d ago

What about, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Nier Automata, Crash Bandidos, Spyro and even the most over hyped game in the history No man's sky all coming to Xbox all games busted as PS4 exclusives. But 40 mill. consoles are not something to oversee.

doggo84192d ago

Nier automata is only confirmed to be on PS4 and Pc

morganfell192d ago

I just want to see how Phil does after coming back from the Shaolin Monastery. He went there to study muscle control so he could get up in front of everyone and say the things planned in his speech and do so with a straight face.

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Goldby193d ago

Multiplatform so they will need more than a game also coming to ps4 to win back customers

OB1Biker193d ago

Oh yes I know. I'm just interested in the multiplat

badz149193d ago

all those multiplats they show on their stage this year will add 4K in their names. like Cyberpunk 2077 4K, Metro Exodus 4K and so on...

RpgSama193d ago

My favorites are Exclusive Reveal Trailers! You know, not trailer reveals for exclusive games, just exclusive trailers for games that are not exclusive at all, Hahahah.

The_Jackel193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

the new xbox speak will be whats at the end of state of decay 2s trailer
"games play best on xbox one"
coz you know og and S are forgotten as X is out now.

also may as well add this i posted a couple weeks ago

MS word predictions;
Plays better on xbox one
World Premier
Xbox and PC exclusive
true 4k
console launch exclusive
xbox one x enhanced

Platformgamer192d ago


IGiveHugs2NakedWomen189d ago

That voice... Once you see the game being revealed, that voice just became more and more annoying with each reveal. It's kinda like having a helicopter gunship that shoots water and whipped cream.

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salmonade193d ago

It's a lot less than half the sales. I would say Xbox has sold closer to 1/3 of PS4's total sales. Thanks to the estimates by EA to it's investors and share-holders. That's the closest we've been to credible 'Xbox One sold' numbers to date. EVERYTHING else is just speculation.

I have a feeling Microsoft will start to make some new IP, but most likely people will only see them next gen. Look what they did at the end of the Xbox 360's life, while PS3 received support right up until the end and after last gen.

Interested to see Microsoft's E3 conference and see what they have decided to do. I'm hoping for some old IP re-imagining. That will get people excited again.

Bobafret193d ago

Do the numbers seriously need to be downplayed even further?

trooper_192d ago


Microsoft is getting murdered in sales.

FungLip193d ago

3 to 1 is a bit too much, I think it’s more like 5 to 2.

343_Guilty_Spark193d ago

Microsoft said the EA numbers are inaccurate. So either it’s around half or closer.

DigitalRaptor193d ago

Did they now?

Their PR department says a lot of things.

salmonade193d ago

I don't trust the PR spin of Microsoft. Inaccurate could mean anything. EA themselves were not accurate down to the actual number. So Microsoft could say anything.

johndoe11211193d ago

WOW. Well I guess if microsoft said it then it MUST be true............... :/

MarineLineman193d ago

They said they were inaccurate, yet refused to say what they really were. With MS’s crap PR spins, those numbers could be 1000 units off, and they’d still call them inaccurate. Their silence is deafening though. Something tells me those numbers were in fact pretty close. Regardless, at this rate, PS4 will for sure finish the gen with more than a 3:1 lead.

paintedgamer1984193d ago

Ms said the #'s are innacurate but fail to say what the numbers actually are 😂😂😂 couldnt possibly be because they are full of shit... if the numbers are north of 40 mil why not just come out and say so? Mostly everyone is thinking south of 35 mil...

Nintendo had the biggest blunder in gaming history yet they still stood by their product... why doesnt ms??? Esp after 2014... did they know a whole year after launch they were getting their teeth kicked in and decided way back when to go into hiding haha. Just looks shady af.

Rachel_Alucard192d ago

Inaccurate is anything that isn't exactly on their numbers in their words. It could be 1,000 or 1,000,000 off and it would be inaccurate in their eyes. Doesn't make a difference because they refuse to tell anyone their numbers for fear of losing support since it's doing so poorly compared to the competition. Even the Switch which just came out a year ago is already close to reaching Xbox's supposed inaccurate numbers. What a joke.

Dragonscale192d ago

Without giving sales numbers how do you know to believe them? Yeah they said it was inaccurate but didn't actually prove it. For all you know it could be even worse than ea's estimate which is probably pretty close tbh.

TFJWM192d ago

Your 1/2 right EA numbers are inaccurate, but that is because they are actually higher than the actual number of consoles sold...Notice how they word it..."“The projections are inaccurate,” a spokesperson told Variety. “Regardless, we are focused on delivering amazing gaming experiences to players on all devices and engagement is our measure of progress. We just announced a record start to the year with Xbox Live monthly active users up 13% to 59 million.”

trooper_192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Microsoft also said you'll get games soon but here we are.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen189d ago

Microsoft also said the Xbox One S is a 4k gaming console. Did you believe them?

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paintedgamer1984193d ago

Theu need to just discontinue the xb1s and just drop the x price to 399... thqt way the xb1x can get its exclusives made from the ground up for the x. I still dont know why they didnt just wait and release in the x in 2019 with sony with a far superior cpu as the cpu is the xb1x only bottleneck... have they even waited until fall 2018 they could have had a real next gen system doing TRUE 4k and 60 fps... which would have caught sony with their pants down for a whole year or so... but nope.

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Discobastrd193d ago

The alternative to PS4 is either the Switch or a PC. Xbox offers nothing now.

Father__Merrin193d ago

Xbox games are now on pc hence there's now no need to buy an xbox

welly300193d ago

Come on really? Pc's are just for hackers and cheats. Id prefer to play on console any day.

xX-oldboy-Xx193d ago

welly300 - that's why the smart but is PS4 and Switch.

Rachel_Alucard192d ago (Edited 192d ago )


Hacking and cheating was rampant all last gen and the gens before that on consoles too. With the new generation shift the only thing a PC can do to counter is provide better anti-cheat but it's on a game to game basis. Most of the popular games like PUBG and fortnite are filled with botting. Cheating is nonexistent in games like LoL and Destiny 2, games with proper anti-cheat protection. But nice ignorant blanket statement.

ScootaKuH192d ago

And this is exactly the reason I don't own an Xbox. For the couple of X1 exclusives I did want to play, I bought them for PC

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paintedgamer1984193d ago

Xbox has always been trash... its taking 4 dogshit years of the xb1 for more and more to see it too. Look at zaire, i cringed with his over the top xbox fanboy podcasts... and look at him now? Straight roasting his fan base and friends and going ps4... who does that? Looks like there is hope for xbox dudes after all. Its almost like, how bad exactly do things have to get before the hardest of xbox ppl start questioning their fav platform? Ive seen dudes sell their xbox before but not like 2017 and now 2018... 2018 was the boiling point and hzd, gow, dbh, spiderman, ect... are not helping matters.

super_cuddles192d ago

Hzd , gow and spider Man? That's not exactly an enticing lineup buddy chum

Sunny_D192d ago

@super cuddles

Right, not like they aren’t critically acclaimed games with one of them being the most popular comic book IP’s releasing very soon and being developed by a good developer...

But you can continue playing Sea of Disappointment.

2pacalypsenow193d ago

Its already over for the Xbox 1, MS should just focus on the Next Xbox.

porkChop193d ago

They can't just abandon the Xbox One. If they do that they'll have an even harder time trying to get people onboard for their next console.

S2Killinit193d ago

they already do that though. Every generation MS switches to multiplat support only in the second half of the generation so they can focus on the next generation.

paintedgamer1984193d ago

But they always abandon their consoles early. Look at the og xbox and the 360. The xb1 wont be any different... the only issue is when they do it this time there will be far less xbox diehards ready to take the jump with the switch and runaway success of the ps4 taking even more and more market share from xbox. Plus my $ is on the ps5 releasing a year or 2 before the xb2. I actually hope to god the ps5 launches and ms release their console right next to it... the ammount of xbox1x dudes pissed the fuck off will be monumental.

ScootaKuH192d ago

True. It's not like they abandoned the original Xbox as soon as they released the 360 after only 4 years is it?

Oh wait...

AmUnRa192d ago

Pork they did it with the 360, the last years it was a kinekt console.
One example; Rise was a 360 kinekt game in the making, than they turned it around and make it a Xbox One game. That was is abandoning the 360, and it is possible that they do it again.

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paintedgamer1984193d ago

Exactly, discontinue the S and discount the X... more people might buy the x if it was 299-399

super_cuddles192d ago

It's got too many teraflops though