PlayStation at E3 2018: The journey begins on 12th June

Tune in to E3 2018 for updates on The Last of Us pt. 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man and much more

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Kribwalker221d ago

So are they not doing a press conference this year?

UCForce221d ago

More like Nintendo Direct I think.

Nyxus221d ago

They are doing an E3 showcase, they haven't specified the format yet.

UCForce221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

And they are going to give us a depth look at four PlayStation Worldwide Games. They will show it at E3 in full force.

nshpff221d ago

It's already confirmed that it's a press conference with live audience

Kribwalker221d ago

good to hear. You always hear about E3 dying off, and if Sony didn’t do a presser it would only leave MS with one

Brave_Losers_Unite221d ago

Where do you guys pull this out of? Every year I hear the same crap

thatguyhayat220d ago

Few years a go E3 was pretty dead cause E.A was crap. Bethesda was meh, Ubisoft wasn't all that and Microsoft should everything that was shown year before except the announcement of project scorpio being true. Sony was the one who saved it when they announced God of war and spiderman

steven83r220d ago

It's true. I've been going to E3 for 10 years. Past two years have been utter crap especially since the public is allowed in. EA completely left Bethesda never allows playable area and Sony went full VR which only allowed 1 demo per day if you were lucky. The rest was seating for trailers. Also I believe the city of Los Angeles wasn't going to renew the contract for the building there was rumors it was going to another state.

GaboonViper220d ago

Yes they are still doing a live conference but in a different way, with in depth guides on LOU2, GOT, DS and Days Gone.

steven83r220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Not sure why it says the 12th other sites are reporting the 11th which makes sense you cannot have a conference while E3 is happening. I don't know how I feel about just showing 4 games that aren't coming out anytime soon and some 3rd party. What made Sony's conference great was the reveal of awesome new games.

Kribwalker220d ago

ps europe blog. it’s evening the 11th on the westcoast

Nyxus220d ago

@ steven: this is from the European PS Blog, and over here it's at 3AM June 12th.

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ArchangelMike221d ago

I wonder if Sony will every be able to top their God of War reveal at E3 2016. That was definitely one of their most epic moments. But yeah, they're bringing out their heavy hitters this year, hopefully we'll see gameplay and not just cinematics.

getbacktogaming221d ago

I feel like a spoiled child for saying this but as excited as I am for the already announced/upcoming games I still want more new game announcements!

ArchangelMike221d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony will announce new games, as they said in the blog, they've still got their second and third party studios working on unannounced games. Granted they might be indie or VR games, but at least they'll be new.

SirJoJo220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Actually, this is what they said in the blog:
"Of course, we’ll have stellar announcements from third-party publishers and independent developers, who are all busy devising innovative new experiences that will make your heart race and your emotions soar — whether you’re playing on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS VR."
Not sure where you got " their second and third party studios working on unannounced games." from, that's how misinformation and false rumours get started

DigitalRaptor221d ago

Microsoft and Sony both doing something different with E3 this year. I like it.

There's no way Sony can do the same thing year-on-year, especially with most of their huge announcements done for the generation. Showing their biggest 4 upcoming first-party games is smart and a good way to get people excited and cement their position. I expect to see a lot of other games like Dreams, Concrete Genie and MediEvil showcased in the pre-show.

ps3vita4life221d ago

Exactly, it is smart way to hone in on what will likely be the last phase of first-party games released on the PS4. These games I believe will be the swan-songs of the PS4 and finish off an amazing generation for Sony.

PapaBop220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Why? I like their live conferences, in Sony's case it's 90 minutes of hype with shocks aplenty announcements thrown in for good measure.

I do like the sound of a proper live showcase though where their new games get the proper screen time they deserve but definitely not at the expense of their traditional live event for E3. Presumably Sony are either doing both this year or they mean the traditional conference with this announcement and just drawing more attention to their games due out soon which would make a lot of sense.

Gamist2dot0221d ago

Hope there will be one good teaser at the end of the conference.

Legatus221d ago

Can't wait, bring on the games Sony !!!!!

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