Would Lamar Jackson’s speed break Madden 19?

App Trigger: "The Baltimore Ravens rookie QB Lamar Jackson is the fastest player at his position in some time, so why doesn’t the development team behind Madden accurately reflect his speed?"

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Gronkeykong221d ago

If he has his speed higher than 90 everyone you face online will be using the Ravens. No thank you. But in connected franchise it'll be fun to play as him.

DillyDilly219d ago

Wouldnt people just put this guy on their teams via trades lol

Gaming_1st219d ago

All you have to do is stack the box, kid can't throw.

adonisisfree219d ago

Lets not pretend that he’s anywhere near as fast as a prime mike vick. He’s fast but he won’t be breaking the game. This won’t be like mike vick in madden 04’

Seraphim219d ago

that's exactly it. Vick was a game breaker in '04 and though it's been some time since, they learned their lesson.

Tankbusta40219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

So does this mean Shaq Griffin will be broken at linebacker also since he ran a 4.38?