Should You Buy A Nintendo DS Lite?

The Nintendo DS placed as the top-selling handheld, selling 27.11 million units worldwide.

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FallenAngel1984137d ago

You think DS only sold 27 million?

porkChop137d ago

Right? And they then go on to state that the 3DS outsold the DS, which it hasn't.

deno135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I gave you a thumbs up for the year 1984. Good year for me.

TallonIV136d ago

The Nintendo DS Lite design was was good it still holds up to this day.

StockpileTom136d ago (Edited 135d ago )

It's a nice alternative to an AGS-101 backlit GBA SP (a highly sought after model of the SP). I picked up a working DS Lite that had bent slot 1 (DS) pins for $12 on ebay. The GBA slot works fine.

If I didn't have a New 3DS XL I'd repair the slot 1, but I'm in no hurry. Should I choose to do so a new slot 1 cost about $3-5 since I already have the tools. Working DS Lites go for around $35 at market price compared to the $80-100 of the AGS-101.

(Note to author: What a strangely pointless piece... are you trying to short-sell some DS Lites you got refurbished in bulk from China or something? Kappa)

Sgt_Slaughter135d ago

The DS sold 154.02 million units when you combine all the models. What was the author smoking?

andrew0003135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I know it's not professional to respond, however, I personally take your feedback seriously. The date I mentioned was March 10, 2010. It was during that time/fiscal year that the DS sold 27.11 million units. Obviously, the DS sold far more units during its entire lifespan. This was poorly addressed in my article. My apologies once again. I will address this issue in my next article. I do value your feedback once again and, if you click the link to my article once again there should be three ways to contact me through social media. I would love to hear your feedback. Hope you have a great mother's day and that you enjoy spending time with your family:).

deno135d ago

Oh yeah, so many games.