Kirby: Star Allies Sells an Estimated 463,357 Units First Week at Retail

The platforming game from publisher Nintendo and developer HAL Laboratory - Kirby: Star Allies - sold 463,357 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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michellelynn0976190d ago

And this is from VG Chartz, they always undertrack sales.

Sm00thNinja190d ago

Usually the opposite. They have the Xbox One like 5m over for instance. Still great numbers didn't expect Kirby to push numbers like these. Better than Forza 7 lol

michellelynn0976190d ago

Not when it comes to software. They have Xenoblade at 960k but it is actually at 1.36 million, but no, you gotta remember. They count South America and other regions on hardware. But, since MS won't release actual numbers, it is almost impossible to actually know.

Sm00thNinja190d ago

That's one game. I've always seen them as over tracking. Regardless fantastic numbers for Kirby I'm picking it up this week for my son who LOVES THE demo and can beat the demo. And he's only 3!! Reviews are solid as well

michellelynn0976190d ago

Wait. Xeno overtracking? Nintendo's official numbers have it at 1.36 million. Not 960,000.

Sm00thNinja189d ago

Yeah we're not on the same page. I meant that's one example. I've always followed VGCharts over tracking everything. Nice numbers for Kirby but possibly inflated. I'll wait for official numbers from Ninty

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Prince_TFK190d ago

Yeah. People with all ages can enjoy the Switch.

By the way, that is a very great number for Kirby.