Watch The First Hour Of Days Gone

In this exclusive video, sit back and get an extensive look at the first hour of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Days gone. Enjoy!

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DigitalRaptor135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Holy hell, Sony must be confident.

This game will put Bend Studio on the map.

DarkVoyager135d ago

I’d love to watch the video but I can’t get it to work on iOS!

Crazyglues135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

@ DarkYoyager

it's also on youtube if that works better for you-- >

S2Killinit135d ago

I would LOVE to watch it but I can't because I want to be pleasantly surprised when I play it myself.

mikeslemonade135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Game is even worst than I expected. You got suspect taste in games if you like this.

Average graphics, scripted, just volume amount of freaks, bland open world. Seems like nap time for me. I’m of course buying it though because I buy all exclusives. Looks like a 78 meta.

Zool 08135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

@mikeslemonade, are you upset because it looks miles better than The State of Decay? 😁

UnHoly_One134d ago

No Zool he is just saying whatever it takes to upset the maximum number of people.

That's kind of his thing. lol

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Crazyglues135d ago

Wow Hell yeah.... ! Game looks amazing.. after just a few minutes in I was like, Oh hell yes I'm getting this...

This game is going to be awesome, I'm even more pumped now... has a very Last of us type of feel, wonder if it will have multiplayer..?

And when is it coming out...? Is this going to make 2018....?

OB1Biker135d ago

Its confirmed for early 2019. Single player only

Muigi135d ago

No multiplayer they’ve confirmed.

AspiringProGenji135d ago

Why shouldn't they? Sony devs are damn talented

OB1Biker135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I'm very very impressed with the graphics, environment and acting/dialogs. Its all top notch really. Gameplay is awesome but that was expected.

UCForce135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

This is still alpha and i’m Impressed by it. But I’m thank Sony for giving Bend enough time to polish the game. I’m sure the game will be much better in final production. One thing I noticed that the aim down sight is much wider than the last E3 2016 demo.

Kryptix134d ago

Always been a fan of Sony Bend's games and it's good to see them get back on track after Syphon Filter.

Watched the whole hour and this game reminds me of Mad Max mixed with The Last of Us which is a really good thing.

The weather system, the different types of enemies with very different AI, the choices of stealth, and man, those facial expressions look lively.

I can see why people compare it to TLoU, but it's the much more open-ended mechanics that make this different. I also wasn't expecting to be able to make choices so I assume it will affect progression and helps with replay value so a 30-hour game can potentially double.

Also, respect to the guy when he was talking about difficulty settings. I believe he said something along the lines of, if we made things easy, we're pretty much giving you things for free. Personally, I always choose higher than normal difficulty for that rewarding experience and the way the guy was burning through medkits showed that they fine-tuned it pretty well with that. This was never the type of game that makes you feel overpowered, to begin with, and more about survival and overcoming the odds with limited supply.

Zabatsu128d ago

This game feels like a mix of the atmosphere in TLOS and The Walking Dead (the early seasons).
This is gonna be so epic!

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Majin-vegeta135d ago

First 8 minutes was more than enough for me to get even more hyped for it.
Also no diffculty option...since the game is already challenging enough sounds like music to my ears.

BeOpenMinded134d ago

No difficulty is a knock for me. Some games I can't finish due to being too easy, hope this isn't the case

doggo84134d ago

I like how they said they made the game challenging on purpose for that real sense of having to survive. After watching this I'm now convinced to get it

IamTylerDurden1134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I watched the entire hour twice and i just want to play this game. It looks extremely entertaining with a legit open world and a variety of systems from robust crafting to character progression to bike building. The gameplay is far more robust than i had feared. I worried that they would overuse the L4D-like horde tech and it would become a gimmick or one trick pony. But that isn't the case. The game features a stamina bar bar, deep crafting, and multiple different freaker types with wildly different behavior/AI.

The on bike visuals were okay, but once the characters were on foot it became apparent that Days Gone is very impressive visually for an open world game. The dynamic weather was perhaps the most attractive and impressive aspect with foliage swaying in the wind and puddles reflecting off the ground. It honestly might be the best looking dynamic weather system i've seen in an open world game and this pre-beta.

The game does look impressive for Alpha but i do worry about the writing and the story. Characters are cliche and the dialogue is low brow and uninspired.

SCW1982135d ago

Okay this sold me and they have absolutely improved the feeling of weapons which is great. Excellent voice acting and amazing sense of atmosphere.

OB1Biker135d ago

'Amazing sense of atmosphere.'
It confirms the feeling I had, specially since last E3. Even in gameplay segments, Its so well done and so immersive,at times, its hard to believe its actually open world.

Travis3708135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Game looks interesting and I'm curious to see how everything is fully upgraded. My only problem from the Alpha gameplay is the animations when fighting and the shooting seems difficult. I also have a gripe with his slow running animation. The freakers should pile up on him as well instead of one at a time. I hope they take a lot of feedback from this game since it comes out next year.

UCForce135d ago

Some improvements in this alpha is the gun sound have been improved, the ADS is much wider than the last E3 2016 demo. This is alpha and it’s good reason why Sony delayed the game. I remember people complained Aloy facial expressions was too artificial in first reveal, but they improved her face in final production.

Highlife135d ago

We might not agree politically but yeah poor xbox fans. Sony is killing it.

Atticus_finch135d ago

I would say we agree on alot. We both simply want the best possible future it just happens to be an extremely complecated sudject. But hey, next time we can about religion lol

Gaming_1st135d ago


I have to say State of Decay looks good IMO.

subtenko135d ago

In terms of quality right? State of decay has multiplayer, I wish days gone did. I will be getting World war z because of that AND days gone but I wish days gone had both

ABizzel1135d ago

I truly wish it had a online mode as well, where players could drop into the world, but not a full too much. Maybe 2 player co-op or shared world with a very small amount of players to the point where you could go hours without seeing another player.

But that could break the story immersion.

subtenko134d ago

People dont want both options are crazy. If I can get quality single player AND quality multiplayer I pic both. Yall sound like the people who didnt want GTA to have first person mode. Now look at the haters now, shut their mouth when that GTA V update hit with 1st person view. People have the option to choose.

Still getting both games so win win for me. I get days gone and WWZ multiplayer fun. Good to be a PS4 owner

GamesMaster1982134d ago

Then there you go if you want mutiplayer you have state of decay. As for me i'm glad this game has no mutiplayer so it can focus more on the story and single player gameplay, which are both looking amazing by the way.

IamTylerDurden1134d ago (Edited 134d ago )


You don't understand game development and resource management. It is literally impossible for Sony Bend to add mp and not have it affect the sp. The only way that could happen is if another team was hired strictly for mp. But then we are talking a whole new budget construct and timeline, and tbh we've seen games like Arkham Origins and Deus Ex HR fail miserably with this. Yes, Arkham tried mp and it did not benefit the overall game.

Days Gone is not designed with mp in mind and that's ok. There is a reason why Wolfenstein has such a great robust campaign. There is a reason why CoD and Battlefield have such short and sometimes uninspired campaigns.

There is a perfect example in the recent masterpiece God of War. God of 1-3, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta were all great games. Then, the pressure to add mp comes and Ascension releases with a campaign that clearly wasn't as fulfilling as the previous games. Clearly adding mp had an adverse affect on the game. Now, God of War 2018 releases and it's the best game in the series...and nobody is crying about a lack of mp. I personally wouldn't want one hour of manpower taken away from the new God of War campaign even IF it meant having mp. God of War is a masterpiece

subtenko133d ago

Uncharted 4 and TLOU did it. I betyou TLOU2 has multiplayer. Let me know how much you hate that they added it when TLOU2 comes out :)

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Jinger135d ago

Right? State of Decay just has so much more going for it

Atticus_finch135d ago

Sod would be better suited for a 2010 release.

UCForce135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Well, you can say that. But this game has more offers. Well, from what I saw the game have branching story which you can choose. You can upgrade your motorcycle and the world feel like world War z and I AM Legend which mean you are always feel cautious around the environment. Here some interesting part, the “Freaker” are stronger in snow weather, but weak in the rain. This is alpha really. So there is a lot to improve, but there are some improvements in the alpha for example like the gun sounds have improved and ADS is much wider so you can easily see the front. From what I read, the side contents of this game going to be like Witcher 3 side quest mixed with Ubisoft AC type as well.

Tobse135d ago

Everything you said force is also on sod and much more. Building a base and community around you and even multiplayer.

Foxhound922135d ago

I guarantee this game will not only sell better, not score a lot better than State of a decay. Even Sod being half the price.

We can smell your insecurity when yippy bring up a game like sod in a Days Gone articles. Feel sorry for you kid.

doggo84135d ago

No it doesnt. Face it, if this were on xbox one you'd be foaming at the mouth over days gone.

OffRoadKing135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

LOL, can always count on Jinger to say something completely wrong but hilarious at the same time. Collect those down votes. #YOLO

Jinger134d ago (Edited 134d ago )


The only thing Days Gone has over State of Decay is the production value and scripted scenes.

You're talking about branching story? Everything you do in State of Decay make a massive difference to your overall story. No 2 people will have the same experience.

You can also upgrade any vehicle and add mods to your weapons in State of Decay.

You always feel cautious around the environment in SoD because sound attracts hordes, as well as a good handful of special zombies that will tear you apart. And unlike the janky Days Gone more than one zombie will jump on you instead of going into a button mash prompt to push one off while the others wait their turn. Also if you want to talk about being cautious... SoD also has perma-death for your character.

Anything else you think Days Gone has over SoD? lol

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solidossnakos135d ago

Plz stop comparing every game
Days Gone is a full tiple A title with a great budget and 60$ MSRB, also from a more talented studio.
On the other hand SoD2 is more of an indie game (lower budget and smaller studio) and cost 30$.

I'll be enjoying both games since I have both consoles, but I'm more hyped for Days Gone since I first saw it.

mandingo134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Have fun with your one and done. Sod actually has longevity

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