God of War Voice Actors (2018) - Christopher Judge is Kratos Plus more...

Rossco takes a look at the performances of the God of War voice artists and their characters in this voice artists spotlight feature.

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ArchangelMike216d ago

The voice acting is superb in God of War. I was especially surprised by how hilarious Mimir, Brock and Sindri were. The supporting cast definitely made the game much more memorable. Jeremy Davies' performance as the stranger is truely one of the best performances in gaming.

rosscoffx216d ago

Yes, totally agree Mike. There is a scene at the end with Mimir and the dwarves that had me in stitches! Jeremy was brilliant as The Stranger and that initial fight was exceptionally well done.

Hardiman216d ago

The voice acting in GOW is superb as are the animations! Judge was the perfect choice for this new take on Kratos!