Beauty Pageant Queen Megan Coffey, AKA "Starbuxx", is Easily One of The Best Cosplayers in the World

Starbuxx is gaining a magical reputation for producing incredible cosplay. She is an absolute beauty and her cosplay is something to behold.

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Army_of_Darkness216d ago

She okay... Jessica N. Is still hotter with the best cosplay.

Fist4achin216d ago

She's pretty hot. She looks good as a brunette, blonde, and a red.

Teflon02216d ago

You can calm down with that in the world. Only one she dud justice is Ann from persona 5 because she just seems to be her exact size and similar in face oddly

PapaBop216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I'd rather have cosplayers like her tbh than the prominent ones who can be hard to look past with their fake boobs in a lot of their shoots. Having said that though with this Starbuxx, she wasn't a believable Saber nor the Major. The Major you'd probably recognise because of the now iconic outfit but Saber I'd have never guessed it was a cosplay of her without being told. She made a great Cammy and Ann though.,

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