An Ode To Kratos’ Nipples

Kotaku: “Kratos’ magnificent beard has received a lot of attention. That’s fair enough - it is stately facial hair worthy of recognition. Yet when I sat down to play God of War, the first thing that struck me about Kratos’ physical evolution wasn’t his face rug. It wasn’t the care so clearly worn on his face. It wasn’t his heavy Leviathan Axe.

It was his nipples.“

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UltraNova220d ago

So we went there...slow news day at Kotaku...

rainslacker219d ago

Surprised they aren't triggered by them.

Fullmetalevolust220d ago

I must say those are some well crafted nipples...alas, not news worthy.
Kotaku, I haven't bought the game yet (budgeting sucks!) but throw me your copy, I'll do more than stare at nipples.

narsaku220d ago

Anything to keep talkin about a clickbait game, huh?

Ceaser9857361219d ago

lol! Did it struck your nerve that the game has done well or any Sony game is doing good

I bet you're upset because you're angry and sad and you spreading your hate against GOW but dude its not working So find games on your system

ghostrider32219d ago

Nipple fetishes are passed off as news now? Journalists need to put the codeine down.

TricksterArrow219d ago

Well, cosplayers are, so... I guess it's only fair.

RainbowBrite217d ago

Did you knew that under certain circumstances, men can lactate? Men have alveoli and milk secreting cells, so yeah it's a possibility, they only need their pituitary to produce prolactin, the milk hormone (and they can - under certain circumstances- like in the stress and desperation of war, there has been some cases reported) ... So If I had been in charge of this game I would have made an scene where Kratos sees himself forced to feed an starving Atreus with his own man produced milk