Rumor: Nintendo software engineer indicates Bandai Namco working on Smash Bros. Switch

Tiago Sonobe worked at Bandai Namco between April 2014 and August 2016 as a software engineer and graphics programmer. That same month, he moved over to Nintendo – also as a software engineer. Sonobe’s work history is notable due to an apparent tweet which has now been deleted.

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Blu3_Berry192d ago

I swear like 50% of your comments just says the word "Interesting".

Neonridr191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I guess you could say they are... interested

Araragifeels 192d ago

So there a high chance of not having Story mode again, smh. I loved Smash Bros Brawl Story mode and yes, Smash Bros WiiU was a great game but I can't buy game without Story/campaign.

wonderfulmonkeyman192d ago

I'll buy it one way or the other, but I'm right there with you on the story thing; I loved Subspace Emissary mode back in Brawl and I would LOVE to see something similar to it in Smash 5.

PhantomS42192d ago

You are in a very small group that did like it. Smash is perfectly fine without a forced story. I much prefer the solo play to the original Smash and Melee, Wii U's was alright but Brawl's forced story was awful.

narsaku191d ago

Bullshit. Tons of people LOVED the story. Stop hopping on Youtube influencers and gobbling up their random nonsense as fact.

DarXyde192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I can see how a story can create a sense of immersion in games, but it's a party fighting game... It does not need a story, period. Whatever happened to playing games because they were just fun?

No need to spend forever working on a ham fisted story. If that's not up your alley, so be it, don't buy it. I feel pretty strongly that you'll be missing out.

DefaultComment191d ago

Is not that Bandai Namco can't do story mode, they are just following orders from Sakurai and if he says no story mode, then no story mode.

narsaku191d ago

It's a shame man, I'll remain hopeful but it seems it's just to easy to sell a skeleton game rather than a full product for Nintendo, you know, between their GOTGeneration contenders like Mario/Zelda etc.

Enough people like rando-smash and will support it without it being a complete product that they may not put in the effort of having an epic story mode like that one was again.

Tragic shame.

PhantomS42191d ago

You seem very bitter kid. Face the facts, it was in one game and it was a flop. "Skeleton game" lol You have clearly never played a Smash game before.

SR388191d ago

I preferred Brawl over 4. It had a awesome story and all ... 5 needs a story!!!

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paintedgamer1984192d ago

Def ready to see a new take on ssb. I hope they shake things up like in mario and loz

Jaypi03192d ago

Why is this a surprise they worked on the last game too?

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