Capcom Will Release 2 "Major" New Games This Fiscal Year; Monster Hunter World Ships 8 Million Units

Capcom held a presentation showcasing its business strategy for the fiscal year that will end on March 31st, 2019, and it included some really interesting pieces of information.

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DarkOcelet218d ago

Hmmm, Most likely Revelations 3 and Resi 2 Remake or DMC5 and Resi 2 Remake or maybe they can surprise us with Dragon's Dogma 2 announcement this year.

Abriael218d ago

Given the way they schematize releases, listing new games and remakes/remasters separately, it's very unlikely that they consider remasters and remakes "major."

DarkOcelet218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Then I believe it will be Revelations 3 and DMC 5. But i really hope they announce Dragon's Dogma 2 or bring back Deep Down.

NovusTerminus217d ago

Dogma and DMC have the same director, likely won't get both of them anywhere near each other.

DVAcme217d ago

I would lose my shit HARD if they announced Dragon's Dogma 2. The original was my favorite game of the previous generation. Yes, even over Dark Souls, and I ADORE Dark Souls.

execution17217d ago

Good times when you basically had Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur and Dragons Dogma release within a few months of each other

quent217d ago

That would be awesome, maybe with improved more weighted combat and a coop option, still wished there was local coop with the original with how you essentially had 2 custom made characters

DVAcme217d ago

@execution17 I will NEVER forgive EA for what they did to 38 Studios. Kingdoms of Amalur was a gem of a game, and it never got the chance it deserved because EA basically threw it away to die.

@quent The combat overall was perfect, IMHO, although I do think that the classes that were not Thief-based had the short end of the stick mobility-wise. Adding at least some sort of dash for the Fighter classes and a blink for the Mage classes would be nice. Also, I always thought that Springboard as a skill was TAILOR MADE for multiplayer. But overall, I loved playing as pretty much every class in the game at some moment or other. It's a shame we never got DDO.

Mr Marvel217d ago

Please be Dragon's Dogma 2, Deep Down or something along those lines.
Anything but Resident Evil, DMC or Dead Rising as those franchises suck these days.
I've never liked the DR or DMC games and I haven't enjoyed an RE game since RE4, although 1-3 & Code Veronica were my favourites.

The brilliance of Monster Hunter World has made me interested in what Capcom has to say again at least.

DVAcme217d ago

I don't mind Resident Evil announcements cause Capcom batted it out of the park with RE7, so remaking 2 is something I'm interested in. They proved they can do old-school atmospheric horror still. Hell, RE7 is more of a Silent Hill game than all the SH games released this last decade! DMC could be a big announcement, since the last main series DMC game was 4 back in the PS3, but I 100% agree with you that I could not care less for a new Dead Rising game. The inconsistent platform releases and just overall drop in quality the series has had killed what little interest I had in it.

As for the others, I have zero clue what the hell happened with Deep Down. It's so weird that game went vaporware when it seemed to have so much work put into it already. But Dragon's Dogma 2 is my most awaited announcement. I will literally shed happy tears if it's announced. I put more hours into DD than into Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne combined.

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PhoenixUp218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Y’all still should be ashamed how you handled Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, which was almost worse than how you handled Street Fighter X Tekken and the initial release of Street Fighter V

TheOttomatic91217d ago

Resident Evil 2 Remake and DMC5

Plagasx217d ago

I pray to the gods that one of those games is RE2 Remake..

MADGameR217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

If it ain't RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE and Devil May Cry V, don't bother.

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