Usain Bolt Advertises Xbox Game Pass in New Trailer

Former sprinter and current record-holder Usain Bolt plays video games in order to advertise Xbox Game Pass in a new trailer.

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Jinger224d ago

My man needs some braces.

RosweeSon224d ago

Yeah flashy expensive celeb endorsed adverts that’ll get them out of this hole.

Zeref224d ago

so they shouldn't do any advertisements anymore? good thing you're not running these companies.

RosweeSon224d ago

Of course they should advertise but spending money on Usain bolt to promote what oh yeah we still got no major games. How about spending the money on getting some games to the system

Zeref223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

They are spending money on games... They said so in their financial calls, They are hiring for a new AAA first party studio, There are the Fable 4 rumors, Coalition working on a new project.

RosweeSon223d ago

Where are they then they can say a lot of things actually bringing them to the console and being able to purchase them would be a start. Crackdown 3 still MIA, fable 4 rumours as you say rumours don’t turn into here’s your game overnight if anything like crackdown 3 that’ll be here in 3-5 years. They got rare sat on franchises like perfect dark and Banjo yet doing nothing with them. Sea of thieves looks alright but for a company who banged out masterpiece after masterpiece on the N64 nowadays and average at best.