RDR2 Has Deeper Weapon Mechanics and 'Intelligent, Dynamic' Slow-Mo Deaths for Spectacular Sequences

Rockstar's Rob Nelson said that Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature much deeper weapon mechanics than the first game, in fact, the developers went so deep at some point that they had to take a step back. He also revealed that the game has intelligent, dynamic and procedural slow-motion deaths for spectacular sequences.

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Chris_Wray194d ago

The slow-motion death feature could end up being a chore if it features too much, but have to wait and see on that. I do like the feature of realism with the weapons and it could make the combat in the game a lot more tactical, hopefully they haven't moved away from realism too much!

codelyoko194d ago

That's why it's called intelligent I suppose

UnHoly_One194d ago

I'm guessing it would be for duels only, or maybe something that happens when you kill the final guy in a fight.

EazyC194d ago

You can turn it off I imagine, like Max Payne

KaiPow194d ago

Sounds like a perfect candidate for a Photo Mode.

corroios194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

This game will gonna stay on the top for so many years....

Alexious194d ago

Especially if it does come out on PC eventually.

D3TH_D33LR194d ago

Sounds like it’s pulling a bit from Max Payne 3 with the slo mo deaths. They were very brutal to watch

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The story is too old to be commented.