Nintendo is slowly erasing the Wii U from existence

When it comes to Wii U owners, the cut-off point will be different for everyone. For some, it will already have passed, while others may be holding out for a Switch port of Pikmin 3. But it’s inevitable: slowly but surely Nintendo is erasing the Wii U from existence.

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Wii U for the win. Lol. Still like mine though

Moonman222d ago

I'll never sell Wii U or Wii. :)

TheEnigma313222d ago

Nintendo messed p naming it Wii U. Most casuals just thought it was an add on instead of a console.

Relientk77222d ago

I know people that literally thought that

Vegamyster222d ago

They screwed up everything with it, they didn't even know how to advertise it & the game release cycle was awful.

Moonman222d ago

Wii HD (everyone wanted this anyway) or Wii 2 would have been better and more clear. Super Wii would have been the most awesome.

Jaypi03222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I would be alright with this if the games weren't a full $60, maybe $40, but that extra $20 -$30 fee seems ridiculous when you got Sony making Shadow of the Colossus for $30. Even Xbox 360 games go for as low as $10 and we can still play them on the current console.

The_Jackel222d ago

and yet games on switch cost more again look at the remasters cheaper on ps4 xbox and pc and switch is pretty much $10 more

TheOttomatic91221d ago

Honestly that’s a good thing considering how poorly the console sold

PhoenixUp221d ago

It’d be awesome if SSB4 were ported to Switch next with all the DLC included

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