7 Japanese Games We’d Like To See On Xbox One

ThisGenGaming says: "A week ago, someone asked Phil Spencer if we’d see some Japanese games at E3 being announced for Xbox One, to which Phil gave a positive reply.

We can speculate all we want about new games, but I’d like to see some games come over from the other platforms that were previously exclusive to them. With Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice coming over just recently, we are bound to see a few more. Here are 7 games that I’m sure many would live to see on the Microsoft console. It also goes without saying that ideally we’d love to see these with 4K enhancements for the Xbox One X."

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PhoenixUp106d ago

None of that seems likely

bloodyspasm106d ago

I'm pretty sure we'll see NieR Automata announced at E3 :)

Kaze24106d ago

All signs point to yes, from rumors and articles I've read, Nier looks like it's coming to the xbox and seriously the only JRPG game I care about, there's a kindom hearts already coming, seen some video of persona 5, yakuza and Ni no kuni II, look borring af.. Just N4g and gamespot hyping them jrpgs like they're godly..

PhoenixUp106d ago

Why? We haven’t seen many JRPGs find success on Xbox One

Kaze24106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Not like they gonna sell well on the PoS4 if they get bad reviews anyway..

xX-oldboy-Xx105d ago

Kaze24 - you're a typical x owner, downplay anything Japanese. If it weren't for PlayStation owners they'd be no Dark Souls for x owners to enjoy.

Do you think any of the titles listed in the article would 500k on an x system? MS and their customers dont deserve the support of Japanese devs. They get none in return.

Japanese AND Western devs know that there is a greater chance of success for a niche title with PlayStation gamers.

I hope Japanese devs turn their back on xbox completely, it's not worth the effort.

TheColbertinator105d ago

I'm certain the Xbox One X will get Xenoblade Chronicles 3 exclusive.

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gamerzero105d ago

Why are xbox owners begging for PlayStations scraps? These articles seem so desperate, why don't you ask for your own games.

And even if xbox got all the games you list (which it won't) it would still be a fraction of the Japanese games on PS4.

bloodyspasm105d ago

NieR, Ni No Kuni and the Final Fantasy remasters aren't only on Playstation, they're available on PC as well. Sega also confirmed they want to bring Persona and Yakuza to PC. It's not begging for scraps, but wanting to have the games you're interested in, on a platform you're invested on (Friends, Achievements, you own the console and extra peripherals for it)

And the kingdom hearts remix games not being on XBO when KH3 is coming to that platform soon makes 0 sense to me :D

ghostrider32105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

First it was they need more games, now it's begging. You console gamers are some weirdos.

BrettAwesome105d ago

Is there no end to the desperation? Huge muscles, and nothing to with all that power. Now, I'm a Sony fanboy, but there's no denying that One X is an amazing machine! Such a shame it's all just wasted potential at this point...