51 Best Xbox One Games You Should Be Playing

Cultured Vultures: Don't let the haters get you down, there's plenty to get to grips with on Microsoft's box of fun. Join us, as we rattle off some of the best Xbox One games.

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iplay1up2194d ago

Pubg is awful. Let me know when it can hit a steady 30 FPS on X1X and I will try it again. It's also very ugly.

AmstradAmiga193d ago

Some good games on that list that I've yet to get time to play.

The_Jackel193d ago

lmfao so the only one on the list found on xbox one only is one of my favs sunset overdrive. the rest is multiplats found on other systems be it ps4 or pc... but you know dont let the haters get you down 😂
and someone on here calls the ps4 a pos4 but yet here we are no exclusives and #1 is sea of theives what a joke of an article.
besides that there is a few good games on thr list that should be played if you have missed them no matter what system you own.

AmstradAmiga193d ago

So games on multiple systems are not worth playing? What if I wanted to play those multiplatform games at best possible settings on console?

Try being a gamer and not a fanboy.

_LarZen_193d ago

"Try being a gamer and not a fanboy."

Sadly there are more fanboys then gamers at this site.

The_Jackel193d ago

did you two miss that last lil piece i said at the end?

then you would have owned them first on ps4/ps4p before the x came out if you wanted the best "possible settings on console" as you put it. and even then they still play the same x is just resolutions not preformance talk to me when the games are all 60fps and pros 30fps instead of opting for 4k over it saying its the best setting.

there is a difference between fanboy and someone over these articles and ms's poor game development. i have all 4 platforms (pro, switch, x, pc) what i said first still stands its journalist making excuses for ms for poor game output because they want to feel like their black box means something.
but fine, its ok, go ahead call me a fanboy because you 2 cant for the life of yous can think of a proper way to counter my comment minus going for the "fanboy card" and all you did is see past my last bit of the comment because i insulted the xbone due to it having lack of games not found anywhere else.
maybe, just maybe if people like you two stop defending ms and give them a what for due to it we would all see more games from them as they will be scared to lose the fanbase they have. but if you are happy with 3rd party games and bc with no new games go ahead keep fighting the good fight soldier!
btw you would know im lookongn forward to state of decay 2.... but you know im a fanboy ;) losers

DVAcme193d ago

You can literally count the exclusives on one hand. And parroting the "WE HAVE 4K GAMING" crap is ignoring that, for the same price as the XB1X, you can get a modest gaming PC that nevertheless blows the XB1X's specs out of the water and has all the non-exclusive games to boot. And as everyone mentions, except for thwir tiny amount of exclusives, all those games are on PS4, along with arguably the best exclusives on the industry.