Someone has made the island from Lost in Far Cry 5

It's been several years since anyone's had a reason to think about Lost, the hit ABC TV series about a bunch of people stuck on a weird island. Much like Far Cry 5, it was an extraordinarily long and compelling experience with a really crap ending. The two obviously belong together, and now, finally, they are together: someone has made the Lost island in the Far Cry 5 map editor.

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irishyort223d ago

Ready Player One map was good... These things are insane. Just what I was hoping for when I bought FC5, and hopefully moving forward it just gets better and better.

Really looking forward to see other maps in the future. Half Life types would be great to kick you know who into gear possibly, but all good if the creations keep coming in. (Minecraft 2018 lol)

Either way, these map creators, I hope they find a job in the industry if that's what they are looking to do in the future. We all thank you for these ideas and inputs.