The Power of Rockstar Games

You’ve heard of Rockstar Games. They are one of the best game developers on the planet. Every new game they come out with is bigger than the last.

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Septic193d ago

Rockstar is in a league of its own.

PapaBop191d ago

That's because they seemingly have as much resources and time they need to do their projects. I guess they've proven with GTA that the money is well spent but I bet there are a few other studios out there who could give them a run for their money if they could develop a game under the same circumstances.

Profchaos191d ago

Huge fan of rockstar right up until gta online they seemingly abandoned the passion they used to have for quality story telling in favour of hovercars and other crappy dlc targeted at the people that roam los Santos aimlessly.

Jaypi03191d ago

I agree to to a point, while they still seem to have a passion for quality story telling it's clear that the higher ups at take two told them to focus their resources on expanding GTA online as it's basically an endless source of income for them.

stefan_771191d ago

One of the best developers ever