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Nicholas dives headfirst into God of War in the official TiCGN review, examining every nook and cranny of the new direction this series has taken.

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DivineAssault 222d ago

For sure.. I dont see the likes of Tomb Raider or anything exceeding peoples expectations the way GoW did.. Spider Man might be a great game too but GoW really surprised the industry.. Became one of my favorite games of all time.. I definitely didnt see that coming..

TheRealHeisenberg221d ago

Agree 100%. I was expecting a great game and the developers greatly exceeded them. It is at least in my top three of all time.

MasterCornholio221d ago

The only competition I can really see is RDR2. But other than that I believe it will receive plenty of GoTY awards.

81BX221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Just reached hello old friend! OMG epic! GOTY so far!
@MC RD2 is going to be great

Germ_the_Nobody221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

"made for endless combos that never seem to get old."

This is nonsense. Each combo is set in stone and you cannot flow from one combo into another. The combat is awesome but it's far from fluid. And doing the same moves over and over sure does get old halfway through the game.

jaycptza221d ago

You're pretty much describing yourself in relation to GOW news and reviews

Killa78221d ago

You an keep a combo going for ages if you know how to juggle and use the stances properly.

xXxSeTTriPxXx221d ago

Or use atreus to extend combos.permafrost allow you to keep enemies in a juggle state longer, because they fall down in slo-mo.
Couple that with the wealth of skills and runes and kratos becomes a combo beast.

MarineLineman221d ago

Did you actually play the game?

Sm00thNinja221d ago

Yeah you must suck it's easy to air juggle combos together and switch between the ax and chaos blades mid combo.

Sm00thNinja221d ago

Spoilers.... Lol look GOW IS the hottest game out right now if you didn't know that then shame on you. I knew the end to the Avengers by the 2nd day of release 😂

Silly gameAr221d ago

you might have spoiled something.

UCForce221d ago

You do know the game has skill tree and abilities. The game maybe don’t have combo like previous games, but this game has so many options that you can choose. And Atreus, you can duel attack with him. When you max out skill tree and abilities, the action will be fast pace and non stop.

Mr Lahey221d ago

Ummm.. Why are you lying??

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TheDreamCorridor221d ago

Gameplay in this game is superb.

In fact, that combat in God of War is the unsung hero of all these reviews.