Eidos Montreal Developer on Deus Ex: 'It's Not Dead'

The cyberpunk RPG series Deus Ex isn't "dead", according to the studio head at Eidos Montreal. The last entry in the series, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, came out nearly two years ago.

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franwex138d ago

I’m hoping for a proper ending to the Jensen narrative.

plmkoh138d ago

Yes, all the little bits teased in Manking Divided are pretty big.

Christopher138d ago

Better writers is the first thing I would focus on.

_FantasmA_138d ago

Personally I think Jensen is softer than a memory foam mattress. He's too nice and the voice actor doesn't do a very good job of making Jensen seem like a badass that matches his aug capabilities. Whoever writes his lines needs to be replaced. Jensens ways weird things. He just doesn't talk like a normal person would. I would like to play as a likeable character in the next Dues Ex because the gameplay, secondary characters, atmosphere, exploration and especially the music are all top notch in the new Deus Ex games.

2pacalypsenow138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

The “Deus ex” that was great is dead.

The latest Deus EX games have not come close to being as good as Deus Ex (2000).

TheColbertinator138d ago

Doubt any team out there can match what Warren Spector and Ion Storm unleashed with Deus Ex.

Razmiran138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Either your tastes are very refined, or you are a "Old stuff is always better" kind of person
Both games were pretty great

frostypants138d ago

Yeah, nostalgia is clouding your opinion in a massive way.

Christopher138d ago

Played them all, the old ones were great for their time but not good now as far as mechanics go. My favorite game is from 1999, but tons of great games have come that evolve past that game in tons of ways, just they weren't as meaningful at their time of release as that game was at that time.

Concertoine138d ago

What game is that, out of curiosity?

Christopher137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Planescape: Torment

The game BioWare ripped off of up until mass effect 2.

_FantasmA_138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I played Invisible War first in 2005. Then I played Human Revolution in 2011. I like it so much that I bought the original game a few months later and then I went back and played HR. The gameplay, augmentation, and exploration is like the original, just updated. Although I think the plot, writing, and atmosphere were much better in the original. Eidos Montreal did a good job of carrying the torch. Now if they could make a more dystopian and plot twist filled story and add a better main character than Jensen, that would be great.

2pacalypsenow138d ago

Having played the original in 2000 and now playing these new one, I still go back to the original. The latests ones don't have the lasting appeal.

Ive gone back to replay the orginal many times and even invisible war, not so much with the newer ones.

The Story in DX is miles better than the new ones.

Razmiran137d ago

If you prefer invisible war then something is clearly wrong with you

2pacalypsenow137d ago

Never said I preferred invisible War, just the Original.

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KwietStorm138d ago

Would've been pretty questionable to just walk away from it after that ending.

staticall137d ago

Mankind Divided is great, love the smaller open world, full of secrets and stuff to do. I wish there were a few extra side quests, though. Story DLCs were fine, but kind of short.

And i do hate Breach and hope "It's Not Dead" doesn't mean anything new related to Breach (or similar online mode, revolving around random lootboxes).

TheOttomatic91137d ago

It’s a shame Mankind Divided underperformed financially it was a gem.

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