What could we see in this year’s E3?

This Year’s E3 Is Going to Hollywood, and there are many reasons for this year’s e3 to be the best one here are the following reasons MICROSOFT: Microsoft: Halo pre-rendered teaser Crackdown release date a big push of Anthem to compete with Sony’s usual Destiny push Titanfall 3 reveal.

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thatguyhayat220d ago

Sony with new IP now theyre top games of this ywar is coming out and ready to show what 2019 will have in store.

Nintendo pokemon switch and possibly new metroid too and maybe the rumoured ridge racer game too

Microsoft. New forza, tomb raider marketing deal and the same old speech about games coming

But what im mostly looking forward to is cyberpunk 2077

FloydianAndroid220d ago

With red dead 2 being a prequel I’m way mite excited for cyberpunk. Easily my most anticipated title.

DiRtY220d ago

Fable IV
Forza Horizon IV
Halo 6
Crackdown 3

All in 4k / 60 fps.

I would welcome a new Splinter Cell, too.

The 10th Rider220d ago

Sad you're getting disagrees just for mentioning Microsoft titles. I think that's a pretty realistic prediction of what we'll see from Microsoft along with some third party titles.

MrSec84220d ago

It's because they wrote "All in 4K/60FPS", those games are highly likely from Microsoft.
I think Gears 5 could even be there in some form, like a teaser or title screen thing.

Come this holiday it will have been 3 years since Halo 5 came out, FH4 was already confirmed (plus it's the Horizon year of the Forza series), unless Crackdown 3 has been cancelled.

A new Fable has been rumoured as in development by Playground Games for a little while.

The_Jackel220d ago

lolz 4k 60fps 😂😂😂 good joke, unless you talking on pc

mark_parch219d ago

halo 6 will be 4k 60fps, forza horizon 4 might have a 60 fps mode with dynamic resolution but crackdon 3 has been confirmed 4k 30fps

Kumakai220d ago

Sorry. E3 is downtown LA, not Hollywood. I live in Los Angeles. That’s like saying you’re in Vegas just because you are in the state of Nevada.

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The story is too old to be commented.