WWE 2K19 Motion Capture Begins This Weekend

Despite not yet officially confirming the title's existence, 2K Sports are set to begin motion capture work on the upcoming pro wrestling sim WWE 2K19 this weekend.

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GameBoyColor138d ago

Updated low blow for shinsuke plz

SarcasticDuck137d ago

Only if the moves pack DLC includes Joey Ryan's d*ck spin to counter Shinsuke's low blow!

lptmg138d ago

hopefully this time around 2K will manage to achieve at least 10 fps on the Switch version instead of 5

XxExacutionerxX137d ago

I think the switch verison should have been recalled, or they give this one away for free for digital verison owners

Tazzy137d ago

Can't say I'm excited for this game I usually reserve the WWE 2k games but the last few years have been a huge disappointment for me same game every year and the graphics didn't look any better on PS4PRO.

ratedviper137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Im not buying that crap anymore. Simulation is no fun.

Prince_TFK137d ago

Just get a new engine, 2K. The WWE 2K’s engine is so dated that it is not funny.

BLAKHOODe137d ago

Didn't they just update the engine with 2K18? I thought that was the main reason the game is no longer on last gen consoles.

GameBoyColor137d ago

it was just a lighting overhaul, still the same shitty engine.

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