Games of E3 2018: Super Smash Bros. For Switch

"Games of E3 2018 is the latest mini-series that focuses on upcoming games that are confirmed and also not confirmed, but highly speculated. Today, I want to talk about Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. From the lingering question of whether or not it’s a port or a brand new game, to what we can expect from the character roster." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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wonderfulmonkeyman197d ago

I'm calling it right now: this is probably what's going to draw the biggest crowd during E3.
Nothing else on the show floor, live stage, or anywhere else is going to out-crowd this, regardless of who it's from.

remixx116197d ago

Theres one game i think that could beat it, though i cant remeber what i was thinking of but this game is going to do some crazy numbers. Ive been waiting for this before i buy a switch and now its coming.